Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling It...Finally

So, after a lot of discouraging workouts -- or just skipping them altogether -- I ran today. I really, really ran.  A few things:

As much as I love Mr. Johnny Cash -- he's not a good running buddy. My lap counter showed that I was running significantly slower than normal. And then, Cocaine Blues came on and I took about 20 seconds off each lap. Problem solved. Johnny's Folsom Prison just isn't fast enough. You know who is fast enough? AC/DC.  You know who is too fast? Gogol Bordello.

Still recovering from a rotten cold, today wasn't an ideal day for a run. But I missed my Friday bike ride because my throat and ears hurt and I spent the day holding down the couch. Saturday was supposed to be my long run (45 min this week), but I couldn't make it because Carlo spent the day downstate and I was on my own with both kids all day.  So...I headed to the Y with Maggie and set off to do the run this morning, while Carlo took Paolo to his ice hockey game. 

It didn't matter how much water I drank. I was grabbing my water bottle almost every 5 laps and I couldn't hydrate. And I had such an overwhelming desire to get water in my mouth, but not swallow it. God! I wanted to spit. But I can't imagine the people I was sharing the track with would appreciate that! My nose, throat and even my torso felt like the Sahara.  Water wasn't helping. I told myself that I was allowed to stop after 30 minutes. And then, looking at my lap counter, I realized I was 5 or 6 laps away from completing 3 miles, so I decided to stick it out so I could at least say I ran three miles. And at that point (when I hit 3.1 miles), it was about 34 minutes into the 45 minute run, and I rationalized a few more laps.  I hit 52  laps (that's a straight-up 4 miles) in 45 minutes, which came out to about an 11'15" pace.  Not my fastest, but still faster (almost a minute/mile faster) than my run on Wednesday.

I finished tired, but not dead -- a good sign that I was working hard, but not killing myself.  I got my heart rate up and maintained it.  I left the track today feeling like I'll be able to take on the extra 10 minutes that will surely be applied to my next long run (next Saturday, I'm guessing). And I felt like once again, my brain was up for convincing my body it could do more than it wants to.

Hope it's up for it again on Tuesday, when I'm certain someone is going to suggest I run stairs for 20 minutes. :(

And on a totally unrelated note, after my non-nap, I made a killer French Onion Soup and Lyonnaise Salad for dinner. Poaching eggs isn't the hardest thing in the world, but getting it right, and breaking a yolky egg atop a bunch of bacon and greens is pretty spectacular.  It felt great to challenge myself in the kitchen again ... even if it was just trying out a new recipe and poachin' some eggs

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