Thursday, November 10, 2011


As a mom, a Penn State alum and a former public relations professional, I am conflicted with what's happening in Happy Valley. There are dots that remain unconnected, and I have anxiety about what might be uncovered: I'm afraid there is more to this story than the sexual assault of eight young boys.  There is no black or white in this Blue and White scandal: I happen to see a lot of grey. 

Here is where I am not conflicted:
1)  Adults shouldn't fuck children. Seriously, it's that simple. Don't. Fuck. Kids.

2)  Sandusky, the coach that allegedly assaulted at least eight boys, has become the footnote of this story. The spin that this story has taken is mind boggling and I think it's wrong.

3)  Facebook continues to leave a disgusting taste in my mouth. The opinions I saw online this morning showed that in an absolutely difficult situation, one where many questions are still unanswered, big mouths with tiny brains just couldn't shut the fuck up: and Facebook (and Twitter and even blospot) give every idiot a free platform to be publicly stupid.  One of the biggest mouths with one of the tiniest brains on Facebook (and on my list of friends) attempted to turn the scandal into a fundraising opportunity for something completely unrelated.  

The post by Big Mouth/Tiny Brain was comparable to me posting something like this after yesterday's tax increase business:

I know you're all busy with the crap at Penn State. But I went to Penn State. And my taxes just went up 55%.  Can you please send me money to pay for my increased property taxes?

Who does that?  The kind of jackass that has one less Facebook Friend as of about 10 am today. 

My heart breaks for those boys and their families. I am sad that Joe Paterno's career is ending amid an embarrassing scandal.  I will wait to hear more before I go flappin' in the wind. And until then, I am still Penn State.

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  1. Is this viewable?

    "Be patient...refrain from passing judgment until the facts are known..."