Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Every day, I wake up hoping to have the pipes and confidence to wail like Beth Ditto.

Every day, I am disappointed.

I don't know where to start.  Let's try 'Your Mangled Heart':

Your Mangled Heart

I don't want the world. I only want what I deserve. 

Got it?

I got on a Gossip kick tonight after hearing 'Heavy Cross' on the Dior/Charlize Theron commercial while my kid was watching a Muppet Christmas Movie. Muppets+Dior+Gossip? Fuck, yeah!

Next up is a pretty produced Gossip song, 'Listen Up'.  I hear a shit-ton of Calvin Harris, and maybe a little Daft Punk, on this, and honestly, I want to take June to the CompuTrainer room and listen to this song, on repeat, for 75 consecutive minutes.

Listen Up

There's some people that you just can't trust.
Cause some people they talk too much.
Don't be a fool like the rest of us.
Now listen up.
On the playground,
we learn so much.

Here is the same song, live at the "Open'er" Festival in 2009. She can work MJ, Lady Gaga, and Lou Reed into anything. And Wham!

Billie Jean/Listen Up

I'm so fuckin' happy, too, Beth.

I have a list of covers -- nothing of course, written down -- that I want Beth Ditto/Gossip to cover.  Willie Nelson's "My Hero's Have Always Been Cowboys" is at the top of that list. She can take stuff I wouldn't be interested in ordinarily, and make it divine.  Aaliyah, for example. Can't say I'm a fan. Until Beth Ditto covered her.

Are You That Somebody?

I've been watching you like a hawk
in the sky
that flies
like you were my prey

And then there is this. It's best live. I think this is the one song Husband really digs, and it's on a few of his running mixes. I wish, that if I couldn't carry an entire tune a la Beth Ditto, that I could minimally scream like her at 0:06.  If I could do that, I'm pretty sure that's how I'd get everyone awake in the morning.  Ignore that tone-deaf jackass around 1:20.

Standing in the Way of Control

Right now, right now.

Husband just gave me a shitty look, because even with the headphones on, I'm loud. Or, Beth is loud. He's trying to screen Delicatessen for a French Club screening tomorrow night. Neither Beth nor I care.

Last one. I see this song. And it's beautiful.

Dark Lines

I can't hide
Underneath dark, drawn-on lines
The circles underneath my eyes

If you aren't familiar, spend some precious, valuable time at work today YouTube-ing Gossip/Beth Ditto.  Then go buy their albums off of iTunes. 'Live in Liverpool' hasn't left my car since I was turned on to it in 2008.

Beth, please don't sue me for copyright infringement or whatever. I think you're the bomb. And I'm not worthy.

Maybe tomorrow...

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