Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving '11

I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday of the year. I adore the planning and execution of a good meal. We had a houseful of family and our man-friend and lots of laughter. A quick look at how it turned out:

Saw something on Pinterest about serving crudites vertically in glass vases. Loved the look.

Rosemary Goat Cheese Log w/ Fig Preserves. Heaven.

16 lbs. of uncooked turkey. Brining is the way to go. This is stuffed with rosemary, sage, oranges, apples, onions and cinnamon sticks.

My bird is cooked.
I borrowed a cafe table from our yard and set up a little booze station in the living room.

Protein and carbs table.

Main table with the kids table in the corner. The burlap, altho I did de-stink it, didn't actually look great as a runner on the main table. But I was able to use it on the side table for food service.

My view.  I made the napkin rings.

Here we are, getting ready to eat.
Pumpkin Pie, Madison's Apple Cake (served with Maple Syrup Bacon Ice Cream) and Cranberry-Apple Crisp. I always stick my landing. :)
We had shockingly little leftovers -- a small amount of stuffing, some turkey and cranberry sauce.  For the first time ever, we cooked the carcass and made turkey stock, which I hope to use tonight for turkey/lentil soup.

One of the pleasant surprises was The Husband's purchase of a bottle of port. Everyone enjoyed a cordial of port at the end of the meal and Husband and I have been enjoying a glass every night since.  We feel like Frasier and Niles.

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