Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Being Followed

Last night, we started watching Julie & Julia on TV. I was spent, too much fun over the weekend and too much wine that night, so I headed to bed a little early.  I turned on the TV in the bedroom anyway because it was unlikely that I'd fall asleep immediately, even though I was tired.

I thought it was a little funny that after, what? two years? of people telling me I should see this movie, I end up watching it just as I'm getting more dedicated to my own little blog. Julie's blog purpose, of course, has much more intention and focus (and success) than mine, but whatever. I'm trying to blog every day and if there is time and content, twice daily. 

At one point in the film, Julie learns she has 13 comments and none of them are from people she knows. I don't think that this line could have resonated with me more than it did yesterday, as I woke up that morning to find that a complete and total stranger had started following me on my blog. It's super easy to notice when you get a new follower when you only have a baker's dozen of followers to start with. But as of yesterday morning, I had 14 followers and one of them was a complete and total stranger. From England.

Let me quickly qualify what I mean by complete and total stranger:  I have never had a face-to-face meeting with this person. We have never exchanged witty comments in the blogosphere. I did, however, start following his blog last week. The first post I read was about booze not being good for your pets. He had mentioned that lettuce 'killed the shit' out of his pet hamster.  He had me at 'killed the shit'.  But, he's still a stranger.  

Are we all cool with this?

A total stranger has read at least one of my posts and thought it was minimally tolerable enough to follow me. Or, because I started following his blog last week, the socially acceptable thing to do is to follow my blog in return. Or, he liked my kind of neked profile pic, so he decided to to follow me. Or, he's a bit retarded and accidentally followed me, as I have accidentally followed myself. Yes. I'll admit it: I've got 12 legit followers, and then I'm following myself. I don't know how I did that. And I'm afraid if I stop following myself I'll lose my virtual real estate. Whatever. Where ever I go, there I am. And there I am again.

I fell asleep before the movie ended. But before I drifted off, I remember faintly hearing a familiar bass line: 

       bm bm bm bm bm bm bm buh buh 
       bm bm bm bm bm bm bm buh buh 

Is this? I wondered, rolling over so I could see what I thought I was hearing.

       Can't seem to face up to the facts
       I'm tense and nervous and I
       can't relax
       Can't sleep
       Bed's on fire
       Don't touch me
       I'm a real live wire

What a movie. One new follower with whom I have no relationship and the Talking Heads classic, "Psycho Killer" and I felt like I was on the road to Julie Powell-dom as I eventually fell asleep. 

This morning, I am aware that that is not happening. 

I've gotten some hits on my blog. I seem to be pretty big in Russia, Germany and Singapore. No talk of a tour yet, but I'm patient. We'll see how it goes. 

I have to get up and chaperone a field trip for my daughter's gifted science class now. I'll leave you with two fantastic versions of Psycho Killer. In the first, Tina gets a little time at the end. The second is shot at CBGB in 1975.

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