Friday, November 4, 2011


1)  No matter how articulately I dispute my $50 parking ticket from today's adventure downtown, those fuckers from the city aren't going to make it go away.  They owe me $3 for the legitimate time I paid for in metered parking outside of Union Station, even if I neglected to see the "No Parking" signs taped to the trees on the sidewalk which earned me the $50 citation. Crooks. Every last one of 'em.

2)  Someday, the shithead that gave me the sarcastic 'thumbs up' after he and his fat-ass wife crawled inside me while I was trying to parallel park the car in front of the kids' school today will get an emasculating beat-down by his fat-ass wife, an intolerant gang-banger or possibly his biological mother, who feels bad about unleashing such an asshole into this world.  FYI...I gave him the most violent double-fisted finger he's ever seen. I hope I ruined his day.

3) The two Stellas, half-dozen hot wings and bowl of macaroni and cheese I had this evening were not good pre-race decisions. For this, I apologize to Kristina W.  Our run tomorrow could be difficult.

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