Friday, November 11, 2011

Shark Week

I figured this out today, sometime between my late afternoon shower and baking a bunch of Tollhouse Cookies: Facebook is like Shark Week -- it's new and exciting the first two or three days. And then by mid-week, it's just another asshole getting eaten by a shark.  

Since 'the wean,' I've had a few friends notice that I either wasn't posting as much or that they couldn't post on my wall (unless I accept their post first): it was nice that my absence was noticed.  Generally, I mean no harm, nor am I trying to be a drama queen. I just realized that I was spending too much time worrying about other people's shit -- shit that I wouldn't even KNOW about if it weren't for Facebook. It felt like a bad way to spend time. Or at least, it felt like I could find a better way to spend that time.

My blog activity has picked up significantly.  I'm pretty proud of some of my posts. I can't tell you that "Pussy," a photographic vignette  of my 15-year old cat was genius -- or even worth your click -- but it felt nice to post some silly pictures of my cat at the end of what has been a fairly stressful week in my life. 

I enjoy working on a blog entry that takes more than 3 minutes to write. I love starting a piece and not knowing where it will end. The process is challenging and fun. And it's also just me. Me on a hill. With a megaphone. While I welcome comments -- and I will post them if they aren't stupid or hurtful -- there isn't a ton of conversation going on here. I get to say shit that is on my mind ... and walk away.  Selfish? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

Shark Week.  I'll get excited about it again. And then I'll need to change the channel and find some Housewives that are up to no damn good.

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