Thursday, November 3, 2011

Survey Says...

I filled out a survey this morning for a little side-gig I'm sometimes asked to work on. It's a bit of a secret (and totally legal!), so I can't give details.  But the point is, this morning, I had to fill out a survey.

One of the questions was related to hobbies and whatnot, so my response  included the following statements: "In the past three years, I've completed four sprint-distance triathlons, one Olympic-distance triathlon, two half-marathons, an open water swim challenge and a handful of 5ks. In 2012, I'm hoping to be part of a running relay team in an overnight race from Madison, Wisconsin, to Chicago, a swim relay from Chicago to Michigan, one or two Olympic-distance triathlons, and God-willing, a marathon*."

Those felt like two of the most powerful sentences I've ever written.

At close to 40-years old, I still have a really hard time separating myself from the teenage Tracy: a skinny, non-athletic, flutist-in-the-marching-band Tracy. Who the fuck is this person that is completing all these races? Better still, who the fuck is the person that wants to swim to Michigan?

It's interesting that The Universe** delivered this question about hobbies to me the day after I
  • went for my first run in more than 3 weeks 
  • spent the day with my client, an endurance training group and 
  • met with some friends from school to get a head start on our big annual fundraiser, The Jog-A-Thon.   
I spent time with my coach, who has motivated and guided me to do things I did not think I was capable of doing. I spent time with a Boston qualifier and Kona competitor. I spent time with an ultra runner and adventure racer. I spent time in my own head for two lame-ass miles, reminding myself that running will always take you back, even after a bad break-up, but she's going to be a bitch for the first few weeks you're trying to sort things out.  I spent time thinking about how to inspire 630 kids, aged 5 thru 14, to be excited about running. 

I've been a little removed from running and swimming and biking lately. I tuckered out in August after my last race (it was a 5k, and I achieved a PR - 27:40). General exhaustion combined with a really scary, ongoing health issue (that turned out to be nothing but hormones not knowing what to do now that they're 39-1/2 years old (fuckers)) made it easy to shelve my training. And that's okay. I'm not a professional athlete. I got into this for the challenge (well, and I was pretty drunk when I signed up for the first triathlon) and found last year that racing is actually fun.  So if I needed a break, I needed a break. 

I think The Universe may have just sent me a sign to pick my draggin', hormonal ass up by my Brooks laces and get after it. Will do, Universe. Will do. 

# #

* I signed up for, and dropped out of, a marathon that was scheduled for mid-September this year. I found out that general exhaustion from a summer of racing, scary, ongoing-health issues and insomnia make it tough to train for an early-Fall marathon. Hoping to have a little more pep, controlled hormones and more flexibility to train for a Spring marathon in 2012.

** Generally speaking, I don't buy into "The Universe".  Today, however, "The Universe" scores a point, because I have no other explanation for how the past 24-hours have played out. 

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