Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween is exhausting. I think I had more energy after completing a 30-mile triathlon this summer than I do right now, about 12 hours since the close of our week of Halloween preparation and celebration. How can this be?

I've been home since dropping the kids to school for a good hour and 15 minutes. I still haven't removed my coat. My feet are sweaty, but the energy it will take to pry off my boots is daunting: I don't think I can muster the strength to bend and pull. I'm also hungry. I have no idea how that situation is going to resolve itself, either. 

I am not alone in my exhausted state. Most morning playground parents seemed a little worse for the wear today, too. Wrestling kids into make-up and costumes, chasing them through the streets of Chicago as they beg for candy, enforcing long hot showers and barking out, "Not another piece! You've had too much already!" sucks the life out of a person. 

Yesterday, our children dressed like zombies. Today, we are zombies.  And this zombie is too tired to  go after someone and eat their brain even though she is REALLY hungry because again...energy...dwindling. Meh.

All in all, the exhaustion is worth it, of course.  We've been trick-or-treating with the same group of friends for the past three or four years. It's one of the traditions that we've fallen into that I know my kids will talk about when they're 40-years old and trick-or-treating with their own kids. 

In less than an hour-and-a-half of begging, my two kids nabbed all this: 

I'm thinking about making a Peanut M&M frittata and heading back to bed for a nap. I hope I can find some Housewives on TV.

Here are some shots of the 'hood we do our begging in. These people are fantastic. And I feel like I should write someone a check for their efforts at the end of each Halloween. Not a house on the block is undecorated. Props to the house this year that was blasting "The Cure," too.  Few things are scarier than Robert Smith.

Our beggers, begging.

I parked there anyway.
Who's laughing now, asshole?

Found him!


  1. Can I come Trick-or-Treating with you next year?

  2. Yes. But if you run away from the group, when we find you, we will have you sit in the car for the remainder of the trick-or-treating evening. It is too easy to get lost, you MUST stay with the group. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Do you want a repeat of last year?

  3. This is the best post-Halloween visually loaded description I've ever read! Pity the poor teachers! xo Jen

  4. :) I was told that the teachers, specifically the choral director, 'worked 'em hard' the day after!