Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012: A Year of Numbers

Picture it: Chicago, 2012 ...
2011 was a fairly good year. 
  • Athletically, I put myself way out of my comfort zone and by season's end, had taken a good 2.5 minutes off my 5k min/mile pace (I've probably added 4 minutes onto it, since then!).  I competed in my first open-water swim, all 1.5 miles of it.  I managed to keep up with the Ironman athletes for about 6 miles on a summer group ride (that was most likely their warm-up, but the fact that I stuck with them up until the hill still makes me giggle). I took some Krav Maga classes. 
  • Work-wise, I set up a company web site. I haven't launched it to the public yet, but it exists and it's about 90% written. Okay ... maybe this isn't anything to brag about. Moving on...
  • I rediscovered this blog (I seemed to have ... 'misplaced' ... it in 2010) and made a commitment to update it at least weekly. As of today, I'll have posted 61 times this year, even though I never seemed to get around to it in March, July, August or September. 
  • Family-wise,  I feel like I finally hit my stride as a stay-at-home mom. I think I fought myself for the first two or three years -- I just couldn't accept that it was okay to be happy 'playing' house. This year, I realized how important my job is and how rewarding the work can be. Once I decided to be good at it, I was. The pay still sucks, but I like what I do, so it's all good.
  • I got better at saying 'no' and not over-extending myself. 
  • I've continued to trust my gut instinct. It's killer-sharp. 
  • I did not knit a sweater. That's a strike against me in 2011. 
In 2012, I hope to find some power in numbers. And at the end of 2012, when I'm thinking about 2013, I can see if I measured up.  In 2012, I'd like to:
  • Knit at least 6 hours each week (312 hours).
  • Work out at least 6 hours each week (312 hours).
  • Post a blog entry at least 4 times each week (208 posts). 
  • Run one marathon (26.2 miles).
  • Go to the movie theater with JUST my husband once per quarter (4 movies).
  • Eat oysters on the half two times (That's about 12 to 18 oysters).
  • Discover a new (or old) album and learn every track on it (word for word) each month (12 albums). I'm thinking of starting with an early Talking Heads cd that I never really got into or some later Pearl Jam cd's that I never ended up buying.
  • Start a year-long art project, that will track how many Victoria's Secret catalogs I receive (and when I receive them). My plan is to start one blog entry on January 2 and just photograph/date the catalogs in one very long post. (I anticipate getting at least 156 catalogs). 
I need to figure out what is going to help me log all this information. I think treating myself to one of those funky moleskine notebooks from the art store might be good motivation. A fun pen might also help. 

Husband, if the Christmas light-bulb just flickered on and you think you want to pick up the pen and notebook for me, please don't, lova. I want to spend at least 75 minutes touching every notebook in the store before I pick the one I want. Same goes with the pen. 

I wouldn't turn down a gift certificate from Dick Blick, though.


  1. 1) I highly recommend Vs. or Vitalogy for Pearl Jam - The last album, Backspacer, is good as well. (If you can get a bootleg of the September 2nd, 2005 concert you can probably hear me singing along..) I'm a Vs. fan, myself.

    2) A Victoria's Secret post? I predict 2012 to be the Year of Increased Pageviews.

    3) Very admirable goals - except for the knitting - I can't knit without having to devote incredible amounts of concentration to the task - and I think that defeats the purpose of it.

    4) What Marathon would you choose?

  2. We have everything up thru Yield, I think. Then we got married, bought a house and started having babies and evidently stopped listening to new music. :)

    Again...if Victoria's Secret tags will weed out the "baby vagina cakes" and "my beautiful vigina" (that's how they spell it), I'm good.

    Shooting for a May marathon in Wisconsin. You get beer and brats after you complete the race. :)

  3. Beer and Brats? I'm envious. Up here it's chocolate milk and a muffin. (Although after 26.2, it's the best tasting chocolate milk in the world..)