Monday, December 19, 2011

And So It Begins...

We started the renovations on my little guy's bedroom today. Manfriend came over since Husband and I have no idea how to really take things apart and put them back together again.

I do possess, however, mad spackling and taping skills. 

We're blocking off a door that opens his room up to a back sunroom, which then opens into our bedroom. In other words, we're limiting his access. 

Here's where we started: 

The door is not only an easy way for the kids to sneak into our room, there isn't equal space between the door, the radiator and the window so the whole wall is unbalanced. Removing the door/frame will give some balance, I hope.

As soon as the first piece of trim was crowbarred off the door frame, I started to freak out. This isn't going to be a typical patch, prime and paint job. Fortunately, the 100-year old plaster surrounding the door frame didn't crumble to the floor.

Door and trim removed. Thinking of neat-o ways to reuse the door (not as a door).

Studs. It's too easy, no jokes, I handed that one out.

We just have a tiny bit of drywall to put in at the bottom. And then a mess of 100-year old plaster and lathe and holes to fill and mud. Eventually, Little Guy's desk will go here and this will be the second Blackhawks "Tribute" wall in his room.

The hardest part isn't going to be the labor: the scrubbing, the priming, the sanding, the second scrubbing, the taping, the priming and the painting. It'll be waiting until Christmas is over to start all of the scrubbing, the priming, the sanding, the second scrubbing, the taping, the priming and the painting.

I predict massive weight and hair loss over the next three weeks.

I can do this. I did the foyer and the living room and the dining room, and they both look okay. 

Husband just came out from the bedroom and gave a troubled sigh.

"What?" I asked. "What's wrong?"

"Meh. It's not going to be an easy job." he responded.

Send whiskey. Please.


  1. 1) Many sympathies - Painting sucks.

    2) Spackling is fun, though - takes you back to the "playing with mud" days.

    3) Whiskey in your future will be a necessity. I recommend a shot every time you load up the paint roller.

    4) A Blackhawks Tribute wall? (a second one, even?) I live in the middle of Canucks-land - we're still suffering Cup-envy from your last win. What we lack in Stanley Cups we make up for in Cup-related riots.


  2. Husband is a hockey fanatic. Always loved the Blackhawks. And then we procreated and I'm outnumbered. But, Little Guy is adorable, so I'm good with a half 'Hawks, half Rock n'Roll themed room.