Thursday, December 15, 2011

Give Blood. Fast.

LifeSource has been phone stalking my house no less than three times a day, for the past two to three weeks.

They want Husband's blood. He's donated blood at his former place of employment, and LifeSource was the 'collection' agency. He continues to donate blood at his new place, but it's through a different blood sucking organization.  

And LifeSource won't let him alone.

I can't tell LifeSource to stop calling him --he has to tell them.  And on most days, he's not here for the first two calls (the breakfast call and then the late afternoon call), and sometimes, not even for the third call of the day if he's working late. So it's me and the kids, avoiding the ringing phone when "LifeSource" appears on our screener.

Last night, I was at the end of my rope. While making dinner, I told Husband he absolutely had to talk to LifeSource and tell them that he donates through a different organization. 

Husband: "They'll stop calling."
Me: "They won't. They haven't. They call three times a day. It's annoying."
Husband: "They'll stop."
Me: "Listen, if they don't stop, I will get them some blood."
Husband: "You're going to donate?"
Me: "No.* I'm going to get your blood and give it to them."

Phone call number 3 came in around 8:30 pm. Husband spoke to them.

He gets to keep his blood.

At least for tonight.

*I've tried being a blood donor several times in my life. I evidently don't weigh enough to give blood. But the Plasma people back in college didn't care what I weighed. And they'd give me $10 for my donation!

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  1. As men, we have always had the ability to ignore things until they become must-be-done problems. It's our way of letting the Universe prioritize for us. Unfortunately, when Fate is your Secretary, you miss a few calls.