Monday, December 5, 2011


I miss the hell out of my kids and Husband today. 

We spent a lot of time together this weekend and that always makes Monday hard. All my birdies leave the nest on Monday -- it's just me and the cat and the TV, if I remember to turn it on. 

I wanted to get a bunch of writing done today -- specifically on a letter I'm working on for the school fundraiser. I was awake from about midnight til 4 am, so once the kids were at school and I could take a look at the letter for editing, my brain couldn't process the words: I didn't understand what the single words meant nor did I understand what the single words partnered with other single words meant when they were all lined up together.

Things are put away, dishes washed, laundry started. I found all the unread e-mails in my in box and deleted the spam and trash folders. The pile of papers I wanted to make go away still lives on the tray table in the corner. I took a half-assed nap. 

That was my day. It's damp and grey in Chicago today. I should've kept the kids home from school. We could've made popcorn and stayed in bed and watched movies.
I can go get them in 45 minutes.

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