Thursday, December 15, 2011

Women That Rock

Today was poopish. These gals made it less poopish:

Aunt Jen: For one million reasons for the entire 39.45 years of my life.

Mac: For our mutual exchange of free and unskilled therapy, given via g-chat, without apologies. We are always both right.

Kristin: For never answering a question with "Yes" or "No", but always giving a response that has potential to make urine seep from my hoo-ha or a beverage squirt from my nose. 

Alicia & Mo: For listening. For laughing. And for the shared comfort level of switching out sweaty, stinky shoes to see what feels right. I'm still gonna draw the line at bras.

Madison: You'll still peck out a happy face emoticon with one working arm and a bunch of your own crap to deal with. Hang in there. If it doesn't kill you...

I know you're only rubbing my feet because you want to stay up past your bedtime. But after Run Club, they hurt like Hell, and you're working wonders on them, so I'll overlook your motive. Also, you're pretty funny tonight, so I'm enjoying the laughs. Don't ever give up on your DeNiro impersonation -- it works.

Jeanne-Marie: For being equally pissed (and doing something about it!) at the jackass parents that are causing a clusterfuck of evil at the SW corner of the school. I'm serious -- I'll stand in the front line on this one with you.  

And I've had two Krav Maga lessons, which could prove handy.

Anyone reading this: think of a lady you care about, or who makes a difference in your life, and let her know it. It's the easiest -- and best -- Christmas gift you can give.

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