Monday, January 9, 2012

49 minutes down, 221 to go

I went for my first 'long' run today. It was supposed to happen on Saturday, but I was sick Saturday and Sunday and in no shape to run.

The run was scheduled to last 40 minutes, but my Garmin couldn't find the satellites for the first 0.75 miles of my run (which I'm estimating I ran in about 9 minutes) so while I officially clocked 3.58 miles in 40:01 minutes, there's the unofficial stuff in the beginning that I'm including, too. Because even if I'm running a lousy three feet, I want it to count, right MidLife Rambler?

As much as I love the Garmin, it really burns my ass when it takes that long to locate a satellite. If the weather is nice, I don't mind walking until the Garmin can find me. Today, although unseasonably warm for Chicago in January (it was about 40F and still a bit windy), merely walking until I was located wasn't keeping me warm: I had to move. 

Since I haven't done a long run in forever, I knew it was really important to go out slow -- REALLY slow -- or I'd never last the 40 minutes. I'm still not great at pacing myself, which is why the Garmin is so crucial.  Once it did start, I checked in at about a little under 1/4 mile, thinking I was at a comfy pace and was probably running a 10.5 min/mile.  Not so much. I was running an 8 min/mile. Time to slow down. Way down.

With the exception of stopping to reset the Garmin once it located the satellites, I ran 49 consecutive minutes. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good! Energized, in fact.  I did listen to music though. I decided that while I am striving to do my long runs without music, the first long run of the season I should play it safe and bring some company.

Modest Mouse makes for good company. I'm glad I brought them along.

I'm really looking forward to training again. Although the speed on my long run isn't terribly impressive, I'm experienced enough of a runner to know that speed isn't important on the long runs. If I continue to go to run club and get in at least one speed workout per week, the speed, the pacing and the distance will all work together when I'm at the starting line of a 26.2.

The shoes fucking rock. 


  1. Be it three feet or three meters, I want credit for every step.

    ....and I thought Garmin people were punished if they ever spoke out against the brand...(that's just my envy talking).

    Awesome to hear about your run.

  2. My next long run is this weekend. If I don't post, assume the Garmin Nazi's ambushed me...