Saturday, January 21, 2012

660 + 8 = A Very Good Week

I'm 6 minutes away from hitting all my numbers for the week.

I completed all 6 workouts this week: 2 swims, 2 bikes and 2 runs, totaling about 35.5 miles (I guesstimate (and conservatively) my mileage on my bike rides) at about 5 hours (300 minutes).  My goal was to hit 6 hours worth of workouts each week, but as my long-runs get longer each Saturday, that will even out.  So, while I didn't have 6 hours of workout time, I am very proud that I didn't miss a single workout.

I also ran 6.7 miles today -- in a circle, on the indoor track at the Y today. 87 laps total.  My pace, although not where I want it to be in May, is improving drastically, and only on week #2 of training.

I am happy.

Including this entry, I will have made eight posts this week alone. I'm ahead on my projections in blog posts. Maybe I'll just shut the hell up tomorrow. Or for all of February. 

31 inches into a scarf on size 2 needles.
And to top it all off,  I knit for 2.29 hours with my most fabulous lady friends -- the gals with whom I tri, knit, and drink -- tonight. Once this is posted, the pants are coming off and the needles and timer are coming back to the bedroom with me.  With just 6 more minutes of knitting, I'll have achieved my goal of knitting 6 hours (360 minutes) per week.

What does this all mean? 

I don't know. 

But I feel great.

I can sleep in tomorrow, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and make a full-time job out of holding the couch down until it's time for Little Guy's full-ice game.



  1. Great job!

    Shut down for February? Noooo! Where would I get all my Dog updates? (You're not going to make me actually watch the show, are you?)

    I hear ya on the "just feeling good" department - being on track with all your goals is such a high.. (and a legal one, too)

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks!

    How'd your 8 miles go? The indoor track sucked -- but I have to feel like it's preparing me for something really awful in the future.

  3. I did it on the treadmill - and when your running for an hour and ten minutes on a treadmill, people start to look at you funny - especially the big guys on the weights side. (I get the feeling sometimes that they think "cardio" is a foreign word..)

    I'm with ya on the "preparing me for something" - if I can zone out and do an hour+ on the machine of doom, then it means I won't feel my legs when I'm running through the stunning British Columbia countryside on my Half in March.