Thursday, January 26, 2012


Where'd my ads go? 

Was it me?

Did I do something? Did I say something? Was it my 6,000 clicks on the Betty White Birthday ad? (I'm joking. I didn't do that.) 

Did Beth Chapman shut me down?

My ads seem to have got gone, and I don't know why. Interestingly, sometime between about 7 pm and 7 am, I got close to 200 views on my page - and a new Peep in a Tiny Box - but all my ads are gone.

I guess it's back to square one on the retirement, eh? (Joking again. I barely made enough $$$ to buy a Value Meal at McDonald's).

I'm frustrated.  Mostly because I don't know if I've been banned (I can still see my AdSense report) and if I have, why. I've clicked on about 8 trillion different things on Google to figure out who to talk to. The bottom line: they don't really talk. You have to figure it out by going through the FAQ section. Which is fine, until the fifth word, when it feels like tech-speak and all of my functioning cells shut down and panic takes over.

Also, from what I see, it's visually disturbing. There's an empty box on the top right of my screen and a big empty box will likely show below this post.

I hate not knowing. 


  1. Obviously its because you mentioned Tumblr - Google is a jealous bitch don'tcha know?

    "No soup for you!"

  2. It's odd. Once you click on the ad, you can see it. Like, Once I opened this comment box, I can see the ads.

    It's that way for another friend, too. But someone is seeing it, because I made almost THREE WHOLE DOLLARS today.

    Technology scares me.

  3. Three Dollars?

    My, my - look who's popular. :)

    Please tell me you use that money for wine...

  4. MidLife Rambler ... this is weird. I've gone from 283 hits to 319 in a period of about 8 minutes. I don't understand what's happening.

    What if it's the Chapman's squad of lawyers?