Sunday, January 1, 2012


After 5 solid days of work, the little guy's bedroom is finished.  Husband and I pulled off a 14-hour day of hard labor on Friday. I estimate I was up and down the 8' ladder no less than 1,543 times. My calves and hamstrings are plotting my death.

Walking into the room. Little bit of Husband's butt in this shot.
The room is amazing.  

And I couldn't be happier.  

Little guy is happy, too.

Only a few little things need to get done.  I have to paint the door panel of his closet with chalkboard paint, clean and hang the mini blinds and once my right thumbnail becomes viable again after scraping paint and primer droppings off the floor with it, I need to finish scraping paint and primer droppings off the floor with the new, viable thumbnail.

We hung a shit-ton of pictures and other stuff on the walls yesterday: it was about two hours worth of picture-hanging. 

If our marriage survived that venture into the sixth level of Hell, it can survive anything. 

Here Come the 'Hawks!
We managed to do a little more purging of stuff once the room was finished and we needed to 're-stock' the shelves. A giant box of books to be donated to an area school that needs books for its library will be loaded in the car for delivery this week. All of the signed and 'keepsake' books are in an hermetically sealed box in the basement. The little guy made some decision about which stuffed animals could stay in the room and which had to go.

The thing about the renovation -- that I've forgotten since the last renovation -- is that it isn't just the mess in the room you're renovating that will make you nuts. It isn't just the messed up furniture and drywall/plaster dust that can't be contained or the drips of paint and primer (that always end up on the bottom of a foot which has to run up the hallway, through the foyer and into the living room to find the ringing phone): it's the complete denial of all aspects of personal hygiene, nutrition and general housekeeping that will fuck. up. your. world. 

The messy stuff was finished by about 10 pm on Saturday. I was up at 6 am on Sunday, however, to work down an enormous pile of laundry (5 down, three to go!). The cat found his bag of cat treats during the night, chewed open the package, ate the whole damn thing, and then vomited throughout our bedroom and hallway while we slept. The kitchen looked like it was being considered for a future episode of A&E's "Hoarders".  Walking into my bathroom wasn't much better. The drywall dust had migrated in a southwest direction and settled on the dark chocolate sink and shelf, making it a shade of gray (lighter than Swallow). There was a can of cat food (unopened) on top of the Q-Tip container: I simply cannot explain how -- or why -- cat food made its way into the bathroom.

My kids have largely been left on their own. I mean, we've been in the same house with them. If there was an injury or a fire or something bad happened, we'd be able to step in and do something to fix it (if we could hear the incident above the buzz of the sander), but generally speaking, they've been running the show since Tuesday.

If it wasn't for the 11-year old making eggs in the morning, we wouldn't have eaten anything all week.

I won't even tell you what my armpits looked like when I got in the shower last night.

So after 5 days of hard labor, by 4:30 pm on New Year's Eve, we started a new kind of hard labor...getting the house back to a liveable condition.  

We left our house around 7:30 pm to head to the in-law's place for NYE. In about 2 hours, we managed to mop just enough so that our feet weren't black and gritty if we walked barefoot in the back of the house. The kitchen has clean counter tops again and all the garbage and recycling has been taken outside. I mopped the living room where The Great Fanta Explosion of '11 happened on Friday afternoon. 

When we returned home in the wee hours of 2012, the house smelled nice.

Today, I'll tackle the bathrooms. 

I've looked in on the room about 5 times since I've been awake. Everyone is still asleep, including the little guy, in his new room. I'm so proud of our efforts, but a little sad that we had to take 5 days of Husband's vacation to get it done. I guess the reality is that there is never a 'good' time for this work: you get it done and try not to get too freaked out by the surrounding devastation.

A few more pix of the room, in case you're interested.

'Hawks, Wolves (AHL) and Batman. Will add more to this wall over time.

I'm not a fan of Jagger, but he saved our ass on this wall. He's covering a light-switch to nowhere and some really crappy 100-year old plaster that we just couldn't fix.
Hockey stuff.
Frame was cheap and doesn't hang well. Need to get a new frame.
Yay! This is the hardware I crock-potted earlier in the week. Then I primed and spray-painted with Rustoleum in a Black Lacquer. They look amazing!

Oh! And Happy New Year, bitches. 


  1. That room looks fantastic. I'm impressed.

    Sidenote: The Wolves are the Vancouver Canucks AHL farm team - thanks for developing our players of the future.


  2. Thanks!

    Wolves games are very, very fun. Lots of 80s cock rock and fire. And cheap tix, too! We're happy to grow them here for you!