Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Devil Wears Brooks.

Specifically, Brooks Glycerine. Size 9, I think.

Summabitch! Run Club was hard.

I could smell a circuit workout from a mile away, but I still went to Run Club.  Once our group had gathered on the track, the coach confirmed what I had feared: Circuits.

We got down to it. A warm up run, four laps of accelerations and then the main workout: three moderately paced (a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10 in the effort department) laps around the track followed by brief weight-based exercises on the side of the track. Lunges. Push Ups. Burpees. Some kind of lunging jump thing that actually makes my burpees look fairly polished.

I worked hard. Too hard on the first lap, because there wasn't enough track length between me and the fastest runners: I couldn't sustain that speed all night, so I brought it back to a sustainable pace.

I think about 3 reps into the circuit, The Devil spoke. She wasn't making us do crunches. She didn't make us do wall sits.

She made us run down, and then up, 5 flights of stairs, followed by a lap around the track.  

Five times in a row.

Up until tonight, I had NO idea that a circuit workout could include stairs. I thought they were two, distinctly separate evils that existed independently of one another: In no God-fearing world could those two kinds of workouts be combined.

My world has changed, people.

That said, it was a fabulous workout.  I'm not going to tell you that my Coach -- who I do love for all that she's done for me and for her friendship and support -- was my favorite person while I was on the third set of stairs, but I can't say that it wasn't a great workout.  I could suggest that if I didn't like her so much, I might have snuck out of the building during that third set to slash her tires.

I will tell you that I actually smiled the whole time.

And I finished it. 

Today -- and probably today only -- I'm closing out the night with a new status: Hard Core. I started today with a 60-minute workout on the bike trainer at 6 am and finished with a 60-minute circuit/stair workout. Only one swim workout and a long-run stand between me and a full-week of no skipped workouts.

I kind of rock today.  Thank you for noticing.


  1. Ho. Le. Fuck.

    Your coach is insane.

    Great job on the workout - I would have felt the same way on the stairs.

    And the ever-present smile would freak coach out more than the tire-slashing, I think. (Easier, too)

    Enjoy the mantle of HardCore - it sounds like you've earned it.

    Now go have some wine..

  2. She is insane. But here's why: She did the damn workout with us. And as I type this response, she's been up since 4:30 so she can lead a bunch of UBER hard core athletes on a 1.5 hour computrainer bike session. She cray. zee.

    I'm making tikka masala tonight. That IPA is going to be fan. fucking.tastic.

  3. Also ... her reason to having us run the stairs with a lap in between was that this will help us when we transition from bikes to running in our triathlons. She could be on to something here...