Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Be Alarmed: Confessions*

1. Exactly 5 months from now, I will be 40 years old.

2.  I have not had a single drop of alcohol since Friday (Jan. 6, 2013).  It wasn't entirely deliberate -- two of the days I was down for the count with migraines -- but once I realized I hadn't enjoyed any boozey treats, I decided to see if I could hang on until tomorrow, and call it a week.

I'm not making any promises, here.  All bets are off on Saturday.

3.  I crave red meat. I crave it so much. I crave it in the same way I've craved 'me' time with the young Eddie Vedder or Travis Bickle when he's all mohawked and psychotic (Cybill Shephard -- why were you such a prude?). 

In many ways, Husband and I have improved our diet over the past few months (minus December's obsession with homemade mozzarella sticks and all of our decadent Christmas meals) and have cut out most of our red meat dishes: we eat a ton of homemade vegetarian soup (protein from beans and lentils) and occasionally, we throw a chicken into the mix.  

We've had some amazing new dishes over the past few months (Really. We have.)

But I miss the Hell out of meat. Beef. Medium rare, slightly drippy red meat. While I wasn't sleeping last night, I fantasized about giant cheeseburgers. Filet mignon. An army of sliders.  

It bordered on sexual.

You don't want to know.

*The 'Don't Be Alarmed' is more for me, than you. 


  1. I have no idea what sliders are, but the rest of it sounds good. I won't mention the beef chilli I had for lunch....oops.

  2. Andy, Andy, Andy ... Sliders are bite-sized (maybe two bites, if you're being polite) burgers on bite-sized buns. They're meant to be consumed in massive quantities. I could eat 10 RIGHT NOW.

    Thanks for following the blog!

  3. Ha! You cross the 4-0 mark 14 days before me!

    I'll watch your progress across the line like the the rest of the platoon watches the first guy across the minefield..

    Red meat ranks right up there with caffeine for me - when I drive by a farm, I don't see cows - I see steaks, burgers, kebabs, and roasts all wrapped up in leather.


  4. No kidding? Great! I'm officially older than everyone, ever. Nice analogy about the minefield tho! :)