Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Me: "So. There is a 50 k run in Chicago every year."
Husband: "How much is 50 k?"
Me: "Only 31 miles. I mean -- what's 31 after you've run 26?"
Husband: "But you haven't run 26."
Me: "Right, but, you know?"
Husband: "It's 5. It's 5 more than 26."


  1. As someone who has ran 26, I can tell you the first 24.5 were so easy I felt like I could run forever - it's the last 1.7 that made me rethink that opinion.

    However I do like the sound of a 50K - its an impressive number and distance - which means people will just think I'm crazy-er.

  2. Here's my thought process:

    Marathon training is hard, right? I know that I'm going to work up to 4.5 hour runs. And I've requested to do those 3 - 4.5 hour runs TWICE in the cycle. So...

    If I train up to 4.5 hours to do 26.2... I'd have to go to what? 5.5 hours? to get 31? I mean, by that time, 2.5 hour runs will feel short, right?


    That's totally rational, right?

  3. Do it! I was thinking 2013.

  4. I can't argue with your rationale - and that kind of scares me....

  5. Mo -- 2013 sounds pretty good to me. But you're on your own for 2016, woman!!!

    MidLife Rambler -- It makes PERFECT SENSE! :)