Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting What I Wanted

It finally snowed in Chicago. I'm not a huge fan of the snow, but I've been waiting for the cold, grey Chicago winter.

It's here.
Looking out the playroom window.
Before homework, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fireplace, with all the candles lit up.  It felt like a holiday.

For dinner, I made potato soup (completely decadent!) from scratch and BLA's (Bacon+Lettuce+Avocado).

We ate in front of the fireplace since most of the candles were still burning.  It was a bad night for Husband to be at the United Center instead of being here with us. It was a great night to be scarfing down creamy comfort food with bacon.

I'm glad I knew tonight was going to be a scheduling challenge and that I made arrangements to get my run workout in earlier today instead of going to run club tonight.  

It was a tough run: I fought my ass off to complete the workout.

Today's track workout included a 10-minute warm up and a 10-minute cool down, which I've learned to take slow and easy. The main set was 4 reps of running for 4.5 minutes at a 9 min/mile pace, with a 2 minute easy recovery (jog) in between. My first and last reps were perfection. The middle two were a little over the 9 min/mile pace, but only by a few seconds. The last recovery between the third and fourth rep, I walked, instead of running, which felt like a bit of a cheat.

I wish I had more gadgets. And flashier kicks.
When I finished the workout, I flopped onto the carpeted area of the track to stretch. I also started smiling at the other athletes on the track: I wanted their acceptance in the event I had to ask one (or more!) of them to help me off the ground into a standing position.

I wanted to get my running back to where it was in August, or better. I guess this is part of the process, even though it sometimes feels uphill when you're totally running on a flat.

I'm counting today as a win, even though my lower back hates me. I ran, I made great soup, we have the glow of candles in the fireplace and if I can stand up, I might make Pretzel & Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats.  And I'll knit.


  1. Potato Soup? Fantastic! It looks delicious.

    I'm 50/50 on the avacado front - I keep hearing about people putting it on their sandwhiches, but I've never been brave (or thought ahead enough to actually buy an avacado) to try it.

    Gadgets and shoes - I hear ya - just can't get enough - I'm thinking of picking up some new shoes myself. (I'll try not to get lost along the way like someone I read about...)

  2. I willed myself to like avocado's about three years ago. Seriously. I forced myself to eat them until they became tolerable. And then, likeable.

    The same has not happened with cooked spinach. It still tastes like bile.