Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How They Find Me:

muthalovin blogspot (26)

hello kitty stilettos (9)
remember, I was against the hello kitty stilettos. against them.

baby lyssa boobs (3)
i mentioned baby lyssa's overbite; it was beth's tits i was talking about.

baby lyssa chapman breast implants (2)
nope. still beth.

baby lyssa tits (2)
why won't you listen to me? it's beth's boobs that are crazy big.

beth chapman tits boobs (2)
right person. but 'tits boobs' as your search term? man cannot live on tits alone?

fu manchu mustache vagina (2)
what? the newest fad in grooming down thar?

glistening vagina portrait (2)
huh? do you think this is a commissioned piece? glistening?

matte black mani (2)
they're neat.

matted hair in drain (2)
glad someone else was curious.


  1. Im gonna start a rock band just to name them this! Fu Manchu Mustache Vagina.

  2. I think the merchandising could be fun, ken!

  3. There's just something wrong with anyone looking for ANY tits with the word "baby" attached to them.

    Judging by the "glistening vagina" and "matted hair" searches, people are either looking for something really awesome or really bad.

    I think when they get here, they are pleasantly surprised. :)

  4. Yes, MidLife Rambler, but would you wear a Fu Manchu Mustache Vagina concert tee? Or by a FMMV thong for your wife?

    (I'm trying to build awareness, Ken).


    Also, it was slim pickin's for photo opps for this one. For obvious reasons!

  5. I would gladly rock a FMMV tee - I'd be all hipster and tell people " I was listening to them when they were indie." - Hell ya - I'd be that guy.

    The thong? Only if it doesn't clash with the tee.....hahaha.