Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Still Love You, Pinterest (only slightly less than I used to)*

Y'all know I love Pinterest, right?

I do. I really, really do love Pinterest.  I got turned onto it about three months ago and there has been no turning back. I love that I can skim a zillion pictures and flag things that catch my eye. I love not buying 20 magazines a week to keep 6 recipes for future use. I love seeing what my friends are knitting, crafting or baking. I love pretending the groups of clothes and shoes I pin to my "My Style" board are actually clothes I could go out and buy and wear tomorrow.

I. Love. Pinterest.

But here's where it fails:

1) Sometimes, I think I'm logged in, but I'm not. And then I see something awesome. Something so mind-blowingly awesome that I immediately want to repin it and Blam-O! I'm not logged in. I attempt to log in ... and the page that held the mind-blowingly awesome pin... disafuckingppears.

They need to fix that.

2) I love Pinterest when I'm having a bout of insomnia. I can grab my phone, check out stuff, pin what I need to and honestly, I feel like I'm being productive.

Sometimes, on my phone, in the wee hours of night, Pinterest sends me a message that basically says 'no more pins are available'. 

Fuck me! We've exhausted ALL pins? ALL pins have been seen and pinned and repinned? We've reached the end of the internet?

I don't think so. 

Let's figure that out, too, please.

3)  This is the biggie. And it isn't anything that can be solved by the HTML dudes at the Pinterest HQ.  

It's the users. 

Some of them are the same negative, unable-to-edit-themselves fuckheads from Facebook.

They need to be stopped.

The first case of stupidity and hate I noticed was a pin of a thin, fit woman. The pinner had categorized the pin into her "Beauty" board. And then some asshole had to comment: "You can see her ribs. She has an eating disorder. She isn't beautiful."

I'm 5'7" and 118 lbs. I've been about that size, plus or minus 2 lbs (excluding pregnancy, when I hit about 150+ pounds, full-term) since I was 18 years old. You can see my ribs on any given day. 

Naked and on all fours, I look like this. Minus the penis.
Ever see a greyhound? My spine looks just like that.

If the food is tasty enough, I can -- and have -- out-eaten my 160-lb, Italian husband. I love to eat. I can ignore my hunger better than any person in  the world if I'm busy doing something. I can also ignore my bladder if I'm on deadline. 

But I don't have an eating disorder. Nor do I have a pissing disorder. And I really resent the big-mouthed whore that had to comment that thin wasn't beautiful: that thin was a disease.

I could choke a horse with all of my own, first-hand 'you're too thin' stories**. Seeing this judgment, hate and inability to keep a fucking thought to herself bullshit on Pinterest -- a place where people wield glue-guns and spatulas, not anger -- really pissed me off.

But I edited myself and just skipped to the next post.

Tonight, another asshole revealed herself. 

A complete stranger posted a picture of legendary football coach, Joe Paterno, on her "Hero" board. JoePa passed away a week ago today. I know this, because I'm a Penn State alum. Several people commented on her pin, "RIP," and made other decent, respectful comments re the 85-year old man that just died.

And then some angry, bitter, tiny-brained, never-even-followed-the-whole-story-but-remembers-one-or-two-headlines commented:  BIH (Burn in Hell).

Someone else pinned the photo to their own board entitled "Bad Things."

The unnecessary-ness of the comment disturbs me. The idea that someone wants to keep a pin board of things that are bad is equally disturbing.

The bad thing about Pinterest is that unlike Facebook, you can't block or unfriend (or unsubscribe ... I don't even know how to do either anymore) the toxic assholes.  With Pinterest, it's all up for grabs.

The bitch that stole your boyfriend your junior year in college? You may have blocked her skank ass on Facebook, but gurrrlll, she's one wreath and a pair of DIY candlesticks away from showing up on your "Everything" feed.

With all the power I could muster, I logged out of Pinterest before I got my own tiny on and responded to her bullshit comment. Because I wanted to get mean. Really, really mean. And not because I think JoePa made all the right moves in the scandal. But because I'm unhappy with the general public's inability to keep a shitty comment -- even if it is valid -- in their own stupid head.

Yes. I just said that. The same person that screamed "I hate those kind of people" at a black man four nights ago.***

The same person that wrote an entire post about how many women have terrible taste in shoes. 

But you know what I didn't do? I didn't respond to the Hello Kitty shoe post by saying, "You have terrible taste in shoes. Get help."  That goofball likes cartoon pussy on her shoes: my life will go on. She doesn't need to know I think they're dumb and I'm certainly not obligated to tell her how bad I perceive her taste to be in front of her friends and family, who are probably following her inane boards.

How on earth do you tell a complete stranger that you hope someone they flagged as their hero burns in Hell?

Social media allows us to be witty and sarcastic. We often write the things we wouldn't say out loud.

We need to do something about that, too.

Because we're losing our compassion. We're losing it faster than 30 strangers will repin this wine cork bath mat.

* Props to The Smiths (Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before)
** I will share them someday.  Remind me.
***  I am not a racist.


  1. Thanks for the introduction (and invitation) to Pinterest - I can see how I may have problems keeping track of the time while on there.

    As for the negativity - I'm reminded of two quotes from my childhood that have helped me in situations like what you encountered:

    "Opinions are like assholes - everybody has one."
    - Dirty Harry

    "If you can't say anything nice, shut your fucking mouth."
    - My Mom

    It was quite the childhood.

  2. World. Class. Rant.

    I laughed so hard that I now worry I may have a pissing disorder....

  3. Midlife Rambler - Did your mom and Dirty Harry hang out? Tough love, man. Tough love.

    Thanks, Andy!

  4. I've started opening interesting pins in new tabs or windows so that Pinterest can't refresh the page and screw me over. Sometimes even when you click on something that you like and then go back to the main page, all the pins have changed and you're like "but what about all the other awesome things on that page I wanted to click on?"

    Beat Pinterest at its own game. Right click, open in new tab. Take that, Pinterest.