Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 Goals...Easy as 123

Today was poopish. I missed my workout because I was entirely too up in my own head. That was a fail.

I made poor food choices. Fail.

I fell asleep on the couch after I got the kids from school. Fail (only a 'fail' because I spent most of the day on the couch; I had no reason to sleep again.).

Husband agreed to handle dinner (he made hummus and had a platter of Greek cheese and olives, veggies and pita) and while he did that, I responded to some blog comments. I have a new peep in a tiny box (Hello, New Peep in Tiny Box).  And she had this Daily Mile widget that I was able to click on so I could get my own.

Using a combination of my handwritten journal and Training Peaks, which is how I keep my coach in the know, I entered all my workouts into the widget and BLAM-O!  123 miles this month (see it? right there to your right --->)!


I know there are people out there who are training way harder than I do, but I'm damn proud of my 123 miles. I've been very diligent about my biking and running workouts. With a marathon 14 weeks away, I can't skip my runs. And with the bike establishing residency in my living room thanks to the Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer, it's hard to justify skipping a bike workout. Plus, I have to crawl over the damn thing every time I want to get past the couch and into the dining room. 

It's not to be ignored.

The pool, with the chlorine, and the freaks, and my brain... meh. I gotta work on that!

So, I didn't hit the nail on the head for all of my 2012 Goals but I did make some decent strides.

January 1 through January 31:

Workouts: 15.6 hours / 123 miles. This should have been a little closer to 24+ hours, but the kids were still on vacation the first full week of January, so I only ended up getting to Run Club that first week.  I'm confident I'm building to 6 hours a week and more ... I can make up these missed hours. Or throw out Week #1!

Knitting: 17.65 hours (1,059 minutes). Based on wanting to knit 6 hours per week, this number should have been a little more than 24 hours, but I really made an effort to knit several times a week.  I'm on the path. And I need to change my project. That silver scarf is starting to make me crazy.

Blogging:  37 posts, once I post this. I wanted to shoot for 4 per week. I'm way ahead of schedule on this one. But it feels like therapy, so I'm just gonna keep on writing.

New Music:  I closed my eyes and picked out a Talking Heads CD I never really invested in: True Stories.  Since most of my music is listened to while I'm schlepping kids, I brought the CD down to the car mid-month (I was focused on knitting and blogging and working out! I had forgotten the music goal!) and have given it some time. "Love for Sale" and "Radio Head" are among my faves; the extended version of "Wild, Wild Life" is amazing.  I'd usually skip to that track when I'm on my way to get the kids so I can play it as loud as the speakers can handle (Daughter complains if the music is too loud; my 11-year old Daughter has the tolerance and sensitive ear drums of a 97-year old woman).

I didn't commit this one to memory, as I was supposed to have done. So this will stay in the rotation for February, in addition to another CD, most likely by a different artist.  Might start working some Bowie.

My year-long art project, so far, is a bust. I may actually have to order some shoes or sweat pants from Victoria's Secret so I can get their annoying catalogs again.  I'm not sure if a neighbor is taking them, but I've only gotten one all season. I used to, easily, get 15 a month.

Not on the "Goals" post, but other things I'm happy about: 
  • I got a new client (or, a former client has come back and asked for my help).
  • I've been sober a helluva lot more this month than I have in awhile (I'm more or less sticking to a no-drinking Monday thru Thursday rule*) .
  • I'm not just pinning recipes on Pinterest: I'm making them, too!  
  • I managed the shit out of our January budget: it's usually our trickiest month of the year and I kept all of us in check.
  • I signed up for the Marathon!
  • And not remotely a written goal, I've Netflixed Dog The Bounty Hunter from Season 1. I'm currently on Season 4. My relationship with the Chapman clan grows stronger every day.
At 2 pm, I felt awful for wasting the day away. I had three friends (including my coach, who did not ream my ass for missing my swim) tell me that some days, are okay to do nothing. I thought they were all full of shit, because good days to me are those that are spent being really productive or intentionally relaxing (like a day of tv and knitting and snuggling).

It's 7 pm now, and I feel like I could have added maybe a 1/2 mile to my training and maybe another 60 or 70 minutes to my knitting but you know what? Fuck it.

I'm pretty happy with Month 1 of 2012. 

And I can still make up those swims this week. I've got 123 miles saying I can do it.

* I enjoyed a well-earned beer after Run Club last week. 

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  1. There was a VS catalog downstairs after I posted this. Game on, year-long art project! Game on!