Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sea Legs

Last week's attempt at a swim after consuming nothing but a travel mug of coffee and two shot bloks has done quite a number on me.

I have to swim today and I'm absolutely terrified of getting sick in the pool.

Last week, 98% of the problem was that I didn't fuel up properly. So now, I'm trying to eat and simply second-guessing all of my choices, even though these are tried and true pre-workout meals when I bike or run. 

I hate chlorine and I hate getting sick in the pool. When will my sea ... or swim ... legs come?  

I've eaten a scrambled egg and one-half of a plain bagel with peanut butter. I think I can eat a banana before I head to the Y. 

That's good, right? 

I'm using my Christmas gift -- this finger lap counter -- which helps me think less about counting my laps. Last week, before the nausea set in, I kind of forgot that I was swimming: if I could only do that for at least a solid 25 minutes.

I'd like to hit 28 laps, or 0.8 miles, today.

OMG. I seriously feel like I'm Dead Woman Walking right now.


  1. "Where do you get those wonderful toys?" (obligatory Batman quote - I'm a nerd.)

    I hear you on the chlorine dislike - our local pool tends to go on the heavy side with their usage, and I'm not a fan of the smell or the "ugggh" feeling after being in there for an hour or so with the kids. I also wonder what all that inadvertently-swallowed chlorine is doing to our insides.

    Funny enough, the next town over uses less chlorine, and it almost feels like you're swimming in seawater - I can spend hours in that pool and not feel any ill affects.

    But good on you for persevering and sticking to the workout. (And learning from last week's attempt.)

    Hope it went well.

  2. SportCount.com. Or swimoutlet.com. Or, ask Santa Claus, after you've told him you didn't need a new phone, the old one works perfectly fine and you'd prefer the lap counter and "CowlGirls" book.

    Today was a fail. A giant fail. Not just in the pool ... because I never made it there ... but in life.

    Least productive day, ever. Bah!

  3. You know what would make you feel better? Stabbing a Mabel.

    I'm pretty sure I can find you one reeeally easy.

  4. I started dreading swimming for a similar reason. For an entire month every time I entered the pool for more than 10 minutes my calves would start cramping up.

    I stopped going shortly after.

  5. That's a bummer, DWei - sorry to hear. I have to figure out how get over this fear. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the pool - and just stand in the water.

    Hopefully I'll be in a lane a Mabel wanted and I can waste her time for BOTH of us, MidLife Rambler!