Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've been in bed since about 10 pm on Friday. I woke up at 3 am to throw up. I was pretty sure I had an acute case of Wine Flu (getting rid of the Christmas tree felt like a good reason to drink a bottle of wine). Nearly 48 hours later, and still in bed, I don't think I can blame the wine.

I spent most of yesterday asleep except for a few wakeful moments to drink Thera Flu and pass out again. Here's what I know:

1. The cat, who has been pretty indifferent to me since I took him to the vet for a traumatic ear cleaning in the fall, has been by my side this whole time. He could just be waiting for me to die so he can eat my face, but until then, I appreciate his loyalty.

2.  Not a single person in this house knows how to shut a door. They either leave them wide open so that the blaring light in the hallway is beating down on my sensitive eyes with the sinus migraine (a sigraine? a minus?) or they slam them so hard that the very foundation of this 6-unit condominium is beginning to fissure. Door closing classes to begin on Monday.

3.  My children are loud, even when they aren't trying to be loud. Little Guy's 'indoor' voice is something like a sonic boom with a lisp. Daughter is the thumpiest of thumpy walkers and an unbelievable klutz. I knew, at all times -- even when I was sleeping, where she was by whatever was crashing down around her (the crash is always followed by a brief silence and then an "I'm okay!").

4.  After two days of pills, I took some Execedrin Migraine early this afternoon and finally felt some relief, enough so that I could take a shower and fold some laundry. The house wasn't as awful as I thought it might be: Husband is doing an okay job while I'm out of the picture.

5.  Snapped has been on the TV most of the day. There are a lot of crazy bitches out there, friends.

6. The kids go back to school tomorrow. Being sick these past two days was poor, poor timing.

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