Friday, January 20, 2012


I told husband today about the quantity of hits my page got in the past 24 hours -- a little higher than normal.

Husband: Why? You putting in keywords like 'pussy' or 'blonde on blonde action' to up the numbers?*
Me: No. Are those the words you use for your searches? {ZING!}
Husband: No. But it's the kind of shit that is sent to me.
Me: You still get that spam?** My favorite one was "Make her drown in a sea of sperm." What a terrible way to go***.
Husband: My favorite is something about the "Big Dick Fairy."

Then he giggled.

Which made me giggle.

My interpretation of costuming for the Big Dick Fairy.
Then we had a brief discussion about what kind of costume the Big Dick Fairy would wear while he delivered big dicks to all the little-dicked boys and men all over the world.

Then we went to Burger King and then the Y.  I had a great swim. He was happy with his run.

The End.

* See tags for this post. :) Let's see what happens.

** I don't get the sex spam on my gmail account.  I'm not sure why he's getting it on his, unless it's his other account.

*** When I worked downtown, we got major, major, major amounts of sex spam.  And almost all of it sounded like Silent Bob's cousin from Russia -- Olaf -- gave up on his aspirations to be a metal singer and bumbled his way into a job as an e-mail porn spammer.

Would you like some making fuck?

I don't know. But those e-mails were both disgusting and hi-larious. 

Did he say making fuck?


  1. In before the flood of people looking for Blondes, Penile Enhancers, or obscure Kevin Smith movie characters. (Great - now people are going to think that's why I come here.)

    I'm envious of the traffic you're going to get - not the people, but the traffic.

    Let's see if this tops Vagina Cake Balls...

  2. Tits and Hair beat Vagina Cake Balls by about 50 clicks. They show like, 10, search terms on the stats page, right? 7 out of 10 of them are about Baby Lyssa or Beth's boobies.

    Go figure.