Monday, January 30, 2012

See? I Eat!

These arrived from Pennsylvania today.  They were primarily used as 'packaging' (delicious, delicious packaging) for the three volumes of Spanish cassette tapes that Pa & Grandma sent to the kids. 

If you aren't from Central Pennsylvania, you just wouldn't understand. 

These chips are orgasmic, veggie-shortening-fried awesomeness.  

10 chips = 150 calories (90 from fat) .  10 chips = 4 g of protein, too, so... I could probably eat them during longer bike workouts, just to keep goin', yeah?

I knew the Spanish tapes were coming: I knew they were in the box that arrived today (the UPS man dicked over my cool down by not ringing ANY doorbells in our building other than mine, so I had to unclip myself, hobble across the living room floor in my cleats and even SIGN for the package) but I didn't know the chips would be in there with them.

Had I known, I would have pulled one bag out and hid it in my closet for a special occasion. A special occasion like me wanting to eat an entire bag of chips without anyone else knowing about them.

These chips make me want beer.

We haven't opened a single bag yet, even though Little Guy has attempted to make off with a bag without me knowing. Husband is swarming around the bags while I make him eat raw baby carrots until dinner is ready.

I am as unpopular among my family right now as this avocado was with me at lunchtime today. 

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