Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We got June set up on The Trainer tonight. 

She looks sturdy-ish. 

June and The Trainer will be residing in our living room until May. A new thing to dust (and oil?) and a constant reminder that I could always be riding my bike instead of farting around with whatever it is with which I'm farting around.

I have my first 2012 cycling workout scheduled for tomorrow. It's 90 minutes long, which seems about 75 minutes longer than I currently feel capable of riding. I guess I'll plan on putting Disc 2 of Season One of the Gilmore Girls on the TV and do the best I can.  

Anything is possible if Lorelai is my leader.

Of course, we aren't done. I don't have the cadence thing for my Garmin.  And we realized that Husband has a different clipless shoe so we've got to remedy that by either buying him a different pair of shoes to train in or figuring out a way to store his bike upstairs too. 

I'm looking at June in my living room right now and I swear to Christ I don't know who I've become. 

My Pinterest days are numbered.  

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