Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've embarked on a no-drinking-during-the-weekday journey about 2 weeks ago. 

So far, so good. 

I've found that if I'm not hittin' the sauce while I'm cooking dinner, I'm way more productive the rest of the night. Since I started this little commitment, I've only missed one workout, I'm knitting more, I'm sleeping better and gosh darn it, I'm waking up happier. 

Over the past three days, I've become wildly aware of my triggers -- those people or things that make you want to do something you shouldn't be doing.  And here they are:

1. Pasta makes me want wine: red wine, specifically. We had spaghetti with black olives, capers, tomatoes and feta cheese on Tuesday night and I thought about how wonderful a glass of wine would be with every forkful of pasta I stuffed into my mouth.

Not keeping wine in the house during the weekdays makes it easier to not give in to that trigger.  Husband, although Italian, wanting to lose a few pounds makes it easier to not serve pasta every night for dinner, which also helps to manage that trigger.

Less pasta --->>> less pounds --->>> less boozin' = more knitting.

2.  What goes better with pizza than beer? Nothing. We had pizza delivered last night for dinner and as soon as that hot box of cheesy goo came to our door, I was imagining how pleasurable cracking open one of the two cans of Modus Hoperandi IPA  (  -- leftover from last weekend -- would be.

I didn't do it. I asked my daughter to get me a glass of water, so I wasn't even tempted to open the fridge and see those damn beers begging me to drink them.

3.  Having a surge of creativity -- and being excited about new opportunities to implement this creativity -- totally convinces me that the only way I'll be able to calm down and organize these creative impulses is with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in my hands. 

I had three meetings today: one for the school fundraiser, one with a friend to support her healthy lifestyle changes/goals and the last, with previous clients who are going to get bumped (happily!) to the current client roster.  After a day of back-to-back meetings, I'm back at the computer and wild with ideas: my brain is running at a 4.5 min/mile pace AND doing back flips. 

A glass of Sauv Blanc would be therapeutic.  It would also make me tired, so I probably wouldn't get anything done anyway, and it might convince me to skip run club.

No wine in the house = letting my brain run and back flip until it tuckers out on it's own and I can process the ideas I'm having in a better way. 

No wine in the house = 1.5 hours of running with the devil (and she knows who she is).

Triggers are a pain in the ass. But, despite the mild inconvenience of not chilling with a glass of wine right now, I know that running my end-of-the week numbers, and knowing that they couldn't have happened if I was drinking 5 days a week, will be rewarding.

And tomorrow starts the weekend. 



  1. Reading about your not drinking makes me want to drink, unfortunately, it can't be Ska Beer - it's unavailable in Canada (I checked).

    I congratulate you on your willpower, though - I'm with you in spirit - I'm avoiding the triggers that make me want to eat Bad Food late at night - and it's good to see someone else making progress too.

    And your mind runs like a Kenyan - you've probably lapped me twice already.


  2. Second best name for a beer, ever.

    The best, of course, is Theakston's Old Peculiar.

    I know what you mean about the running though, I've been a bit booze-happy over the last few months and have barely run a step. definitely time to cut back.

  3. :) Another one that is right up there: He'Brew Beer: The Chosen Beer. That's funny stuff.

    I brought this little revelation to my brother last weekend and he said, "that could be the name of your book: "I Get So Much More Done When I'm Not Drinking." Then a pause. Then, "I'd buy that book." When I explained that I could still drink on weekends, he said, "That's called binge drinking."

    So, it seems like Chapter Three will be called, "It's called binge drinking!"

    I'll let you know when we go to print. :)

    Put down that pint and find your running shoes!