Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Before One, Really?

I'm worried that I'm using up too much Blog space -- I only posted 4 hours ago! But I've got a lot on my mind and some of it, I need to put into virtual ink so I can remember it (or, be reminded of it) later.

1)  I've worked out twice this week: three times in all since last Thursday.  Since my 60-minute ride this morning on the bike trainer, I've been bouncing off the walls. I'm absolutely joyous. Not just because I completed the workout and really ... worked ... at it, but because there is this great mix of happy chemicals that rip through your body after you exercise: I'd pretty much forgotten about them since I stopped working out 'for real' in mid-August.

I felt this freaking happy on Monday after my run, too.

I need to remember this feeling. I'm not dead. I'm energized. I feel like I accomplished something.  This is good stuff.

If I give up entirely in mid-August of 2012, will someone remind me of this feeling? Please? Or, feel free to remind me of it on Friday morning, when I'm being sentenced to an hour in the pool. :(

2)  Conversation with my son last night, after setting up the trainer:

Me: "Son. When is it okay to get on the trainer?"
Son: (pause) "Never?"
Me: "Good answer. Good answer."

3)  Husband ate some sidewalk on his crack of dark run this morning. He showered, dressed, went to work and didn't realize how bad he had scraped himself until he ended up at the school nurse's office: he had bled through his shirt. 

I hope he's telling his colleagues and students who have noticed his bloodied shirt sleeve that it happened during a brick workout of 10 miles of negative splits, after his one-mile swim. In the lake. Without a wetsuit. I mean, I'd embellish the shit out of that story, if it were mine to tell.

Does this say, "High, Tight Ass" to you?
4)   While I was down and out with the flu this weekend, I almost bought the "Brazilian Butt Lift" video after watching a 30-minute infomercial. That Lejandro was pretty convincing. He even tells us that "[he] is from Brazil. The butt is our culture." 

If the butt is the culture of Brazil, I think they should have gotten a better graphic designer to work on their flag.

5) Some asshole set one of the play structures at my kids school on fire last evening. When we arrived on the playground this morning, it was boarded up and covered in yellow "Caution" tape: it was still smouldering.  This prompted a conversation between me and two other mothers who live roughly 1.5 miles away from me (in different directions): In the past 5 days, we've all heard gunfire --  murderous gunfire -- near our homes. 

I think someone -- someone that isn't me -- needs to do their PhD dissertation on how environmental changes make thugs go fucking crazy.  We've had a warm spell in Chicago over the past week: when it stays dark longer, but the weather is unseasonably warm, thugs can't wait to rape and pillage, burn and kill. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be snowy and breezy with a high of 20F.  I'm looking forward to it.

6)  My 11-year old is trying out for the school musical today. She has to sing "Many Moons Ago" (from "Once Upon a Mattress") in front of 64 other people who are trying to get a spot in the play. It's 1 pm now. If she's anything like me, she'll be vomiting in the school bathroom within the next 30 minutes.

I hope she gets through it.

Over and out.


  1. Quick add on: Eating is awesome. I should really do it with more frequency.

    I had a light pre-ride breakfast (Coffee + banana), a whey protein shake + banana as soon as I got off the bike and then I had some white bean, chicken chili with an entire avocado for lunch, just now.

    I am not angry at ANYONE right now.

    Who knew???? Who knew????

  2. 1) I agree - Endorphins ROCK.

    2) His original answer was going to be "When you aren't looking?" - hence the pause.

    3) I would have gone with "knife fight after coming out of the lake" - you do live in Chicago, after all - it's more believable than if you lived in my neck of the woods. (Up here I'd go with "fought off a pack of wolves")

    4) The fact that I feel compelled to now check out said infomercial says a lot about how good your writing is and how much that subject matter interests me.

    5)Stupid people suck. Stupid , ignorant, property destroying people suck even more.

    6)I refuse to make any crude comments about "Once Upon a Mattress" (I'm tempted, though) because a) I've never heard of it before, and b) I hope she does well and don't want to jinx it.

    7) I run so I can eat, I eat so I can run...

    Who's blogwhorin' who's space now, eh?
    Couldn't help it...

  3. Blogwhore away, MidLife Rambler. Regards, MINION.