Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm a Real Runner, Now!

I just returned from the chiropractor's office. The left foot has been struggling since Sunday's long run. 

I've got plantar fasciitis. 

The appointment took a little longer than normal, mostly because he stuck me with a few needles on the bottom of my left foot and on my calf muscle.  Then he taped my foot up and I walked out of his office with extra tape and instructions on how to wrap my foot before Saturday's long run .  I also left with  "The Stick"

I get to rub out my calves before and after running with this thing. 

Yup. I'm a middle-aged runner.

Being told I have PF doesn't make me a real runner. I think what makes me feel like a real runner now is that when I walked into the chiropractor's office I was pretty blunt. 

And desperate. 

Desperately blunt.

"I have my long run on Saturday. I have to do my long run. And if she (my coach) makes me run in the pool, I'm going to fucking kill myself."

The first time I met my chiropractor was when I was training for my first half marathon in 2010. I went in for some minor problem and was praying he'd tell me I'd have to pull out of the race.  

He didn't.

This time, I went in there praying he wouldn't tell me I couldn't do my long runs.

He didn't.

And that, I think, is what makes me feel 'legit.'  I'm a real runner because this long run, as shitactular as it could be (they're calling for 6-9 inches of snow on Friday) is important to me. I need to do this long run. Period.

I will also say that I was relieved that I actually had a legit issue. I'm a pussy and I would have died of embarrassment if he told me, "You haz a boo boo on your piggies. Take two aspirin and call me if you need help pulling off the band aid."

But now I can be all hard-core/bad ass/tough guy: "Fuck yeah. I be rollin' all over town with the PF. A little inflamed ligament doesn't stop this bitch from doin' what she do." 

My mileage isn't going to be great this week -- I've missed two run workouts. I'm still allowed to bike. I'm unfortunately still allowed to swim. I could probably get both arms stuck in a wood chipper, and I'd still have to swim.*

I think Saturday's 2 hour/35 minute long run will be loaded with intention:  knowing that not being able to run would be way worse than having to run, even if it is snowy and slushy and I'm tired.

*Anyone have a wood chipper I could borrow?


  1. Well swimming I have heard is a great workout and a great substitute for not running. But I have also heard it's pretty tedious and boring. I really hope you can long run on Saturday. Biking doesn't sound like the worst alternative, especially if it's SO cold.
    (Hows the bac-lava by the way?)

    I am a middle aged runner too! I use a triggerpoint roller and ball set, but I have to roll out before every run too, and every day even if I don't run. It sucks and I get bored of it and I use a stopwatch to time it, because otherwise I would cut it short every time.

  2. Had PF last year - before it was cool. (I'm so hip.)

    Seriously, though - I feel your pain. Glad you're doing something about it - I was doing my man-like best to just "work through it"(ignore it) and it prevented me from doing ANY races last year.

    Is it the injures that make us "real" runners, or the fact that we've decided that neither injury, nor schedule, nor creepy naked people, nor the big gay guy at the gym will keep us from our run?

    Suck it, Post Office - we've got you beat.

  3. Midlife Runners!!! We are hard core!

    and Midlife Rambler ... are you sure you don't write taglines for a living???

    I haven't used the balaclava yet, Rain. Last week was really mild. Looks like I'll have my chance on Saturday tho!

  4. ugh sorry to hear that. i hope he keeps you out of the pool and you heal quickly! :) good luck this weekend!

  5. Helz ya! I had to do some PT last year for some weakness in my hip. I still don't know exactly what muscle group was causing the problem. I just worked out and stretched them all. Finally, it feels normal again. Stupid age.

  6. Yum Snickers! I keep candy out of the house period...otherwise I would be eating it!

    I hope you have a great day tomorrow....Roll roll roll....stretch stretch stretch :)

  7. Tony never tells me I shouldn't do something, though I too go in subconsciously hoping he will.
    If you need someone to swim with, send me a text. I'll try not to roll over you. ;)