Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing...Midlife Rambler and "In The Long Run"

Two months ago, I came across a blog that made me laugh: Midlife Rambler It was a pleasant find amidst a sea of scrapbookers, Amish romance enthusiasts, crazy cat people and two-year old posts from all sorts of sad sacks that began with, "I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a long time...".

Midlife Rambler was funny and irreverent:  he didn't seem to take himself too seriously, he covered more than one subject, and honestly, he won me over when he dropped the c-bomb in one very brief, but most likely cathartic (for him) post.  He also does a great job of selecting good words and putting them in the proper order.  

The Rambler can write.

I started following his posts and quickly learned that although we lived 1,806 miles (that's 2905 kilometers) apart, we had a bunch in common: we're both runners, we're both Geminis (I'm exactly two weeks older than MLR) and we both suffer from cold sores. 

On our face. Not on our naughty bits.
And just one or two weeks ago, I realized we were on almost the same schedule for our long runs. But here's how we're different (try this to the tune of Ebony and Ivory, like Stevie and Frank did it in that classic SNL sketch):

I run outside, he runs indoors.
It doesn't matter which coast,
We both have sores.
His race is in March
Mine, in May
We'll share our stories with you
Every Mon...daaayy.

Okay. We promise not to collaborate on any lyric writing. But we will tag team on some Monday-issued posts that talk about our training long runs. The actual format ... well, we don't know. How we'll technically pull it off? I leave it to MLR ... he's a black belt at Google Fu. Will there be swearing? You bet your sweet ass there will be.

Check in every Monday and see how we're doing on our long run adventures as we work towards our 13.1 and 26.2 events in March and May, respectively.  

Tomorrow, we tackle Gel and Gu and other shit. 

Triple T


  1. Innnnnnnteresting....I will be eagerly awaiting what you two put together! I have been filing the "rambler" for awhile, and I really like his writing...and I found your blog through his.
    (You can thank him later :)
    Any way, I enjoy your blog and think you are a great writer as well...
    I look fwd to reading more.

  2. Thanks, Rain. So far, The Rambler and I have been having a fun time with Post #1, and I think running, in general, just brings every kind of people together. I LOVE that about running. Hope you enjoy tomorrow's post!