Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Splurges

I went grocery shopping yesterday and splurged a little.

Since Husband and I made a commitment a few months ago to really save money (like, really saving money), I've been a hard ass about buying anything that isn't necessary or on sale. And if it is on sale, but not necessary, I'm still not buying it.  We've watched our monthly expenditures on groceries plummet significantly. We eat out less and seem to eat better. We shop smarter.  And we don't buy everything we want the second we think we need it.  

I knew we had saved some bucks on groceries and since it's a short month (just 29 days!), I got a little crazy at the grocery store. Oh yeah...I'm crazy like that.

First unnecessary purchase: Pink tulips. 10 stems on sale for $2.99. And even though it had just started snowing as I walked into the store, I knew that tulips meant spring was news. Tulips are my absolute favorite flower and at $2.99, I couldn't resist them. 

Second unnecessary purchase: A bottle of Malbec. I wasn't going to Run Club because of a conflict with Husband's schedule (and because of the Plantar Fasciitis), so I didn't have a post run beer to look forward to. But with nothing to do but prop up my bum leg and knit, Malbec seemed like a good consolation prize. 

And it was.

Third unnecessary purchase: A bag of mini Snickers. I have been jonesing for chocolate all week and realizing that at my age, a hidden stash of chocolate was 100% okay. I hid the chocolate in my knitting bag. The kids had no idea how the mini bites of awesomeness made it into their lunch bags today.  Daughter suggested it was simply "Mommy Magic" and is fine with not knowing how it got there, so long as it got there.

Good girl, Daughter.

Fourth unnecessary purchase: Peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.  I love to bake. And I love to bake Nestle Tollhouse Cookies (The only modification I make to the recipe is to use a mix of chocolate AND peanut butter chips).  But more than loving to bake the cookies, I just love how my house smells when I bake them. Plus, I had just received four boxes of Girl Scout cookies from a mom-friend at pick-up (and I had that bag of Snickers in the cart, remember?): it's not like I needed to bake cookies.

I needed to smell cookies.

Because of my foot, I ended up not baking them last night, but did so today instead. It would have been perfect, had I not forgotten to take out the broiler tray we used last night to make hamburgers: The house smelled like smokey, charred meat before I got the cookies in the oven. Oh well.

I've been enjoying the flowers all day and all night, and between little covert attacks on the chocolate stash in my knitting bag and less covert attacks on the freshly baked cookies, I'm damn happy. 

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  1. Tulips are my favorite too!
    I think it's ok to splurge, especially if it's on sale!

    I love baking cookies too...but I end up eating too many!