Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Morning (In Pictures)

How I feel every morning when I wake up:

And why I feel that way every morning when I wake up:

What Daughter acts like every morning:

And how that makes Little Guy feel:

What I thought would happen after a heart-felt conversation in the car with Daughter before drop off:

What it actually turned out to be:

Where I'm going to be in another hour and 15 minutes:

And how I feel about that right now:

My projection of what I will feel like by the end of the day:

Something's gotta give.


  1. Malbec. Definitely the answer to days like that.

  2. I hear ya!
    I hope your day goes better than expected...and please know there is another head case out there! Me!

  3. Hang in there, Tiger.

    What doesn't kill you just gives you reason to drink.

    P.s - Blogger's word verification hates me. First one word, now two. What's next, Anagrams and math?

  4. Thank you, all. The good news is that everything 'looks good' both north and south of the beltline. The bad news is that I am old and will have to get the mams grammed over the summer. A fact of life, and something I will just get used to over time...

    I can't wait for Post Run Club booze ... I'm treating myself to an ice cream cone before I get the kid from school to day.

    And Midlife Rambler...I'm laughing. Laughing hard. When I responded to you today (or yesterday?) and had to prove I wasn't a robot, I had to type out a number combo and then a make-up word that was partially covered by a thumbprint. I thought to myself: A) Why doesn't IT know that I'm a human by now and B) What next, bitches? Physical challenges???

  5. all I am thinking here is that I forgot to call and schedule a mammogram...

    that and I am almost out of chocolate in my desk drawer, and we need Malbec

  6. lol, you need a playdate with the Mitsubishies again..

  7. My friend just gave me the gift of a nap: unprovoked, she suggested she get my kid (pick up #1) today. I crawled on the couch, gained 400 lbs in good sleep weight and slept like a baby for a straight 90 minutes.

    Upon waking, I've decided we're having "Housework Boot Camp" this weekend: I can't by Sisyphus every day ... this is killing my inner joy.

    Also, I do not hide chocolate in the house and that is a stupid, stupid thing to not do. I'm going to buy a bag of of mini snickers and put them somewhere where no one else will find them: Under the sink with all the cleaning supplies!!!!

    Ahhh...the Mitsubishies!!!