Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Returning from school with Little Guy today, I came to an intersection that was a full-out clustercus of cars and construction and a woman walking a dog.

I don't remember who did or didn't lurch into the street, but we were all at a standstill, with one car (not mine) kind of holding everyone up.  

It had potential to get ugly.

The woman walking her dog looked at the car in the middle of the street - its driver looked really uncertain about continuing through the intersection. She smiled and waved him through.  

Then he smiled at her. 

Then I smiled because I thought this was going to be yet another incident of too many self-important, self-absorbed d-bags that were going to honk and yell and gesture.

One simple smile diffused all the potential ugly.

I was very happy to witness it all.

PS - Don't be alarmed. I've got something in draft format that is the standard piss and vinegar / acid tongue for which I'm known. I just think it's nice to give a nod to the people and stuff that doesn't suck, when it is deserved.  Also - Chicago experienced about 7 hours of spring-like weather today. It's hard to not be smiley.

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