Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Triple A, by Triple T

I have declared February "Arms, Abs and Ass" month. 

With a few friends and Husband, we're going to start a 6-week program to tone all those parts. 

We're using these free, online programs:

I did 12 lame ass push ups in my initial test.  I have bony girl arms.

Only 11. It was right after 80 minutes on the trainer. Regardless, I still suck at squats.
Just 12. Ouch.

22. Surprisingly low, because my tri's are deceptively powerful.

Our official 'training' begins on Monday. I'm excited. I'm on the thin side, so when I do this kind of work, the results can be noticeable, fast.

Plus, I'd really like it if my iPod sleeve didn't slide off my non-existent bicep this summer, when I'm running in tank tops.  

I'm going to complete the program ... it looks manageable ... but in all honesty, I'd be stoked out of my mind if I could only do HALF of all of these exercises. I mean... 200 sit ups? Doesn't that just seem unnecessary?


  1. I had started on these in December - Pushup, Situp, Pullup - but stopped when I started my training program in January - I'm going to feel all kinds of guilt when you start posting results...

    And who chooses the declarations in your house?
    Is it a democracy, or do you rule with an iron tricep?

  2. Would it freak you out if I told you I stood on the coffee table and yelled (first in British, and then in a southern accent), "Here ye, Here ye, I do declare this to be the month of Arms, Abs and Ass."?

    And that the only other living creature in the house at the time was a cat?

    Join us... Join us.... Join us...

  3. Hear ye?

    See what happens when people come home and talk at me while I'm trying to write?