Friday, February 10, 2012

The Unexpected

We've had a week's worth of 'unexpected' in this household. 

It started with a call last Saturday afternoon to say that Husband's mother was nearing the end.  We dismissed our plans and made an unplanned trip downstate on Sunday.

Our dismissed plans were mostly a bunch of meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. I felt the anxiety of losing Sunday's 'prep' work by 6:30 am on Monday. Barely daylight and I'm already behind. Crap.

By mid-week, "Elizabeth," my ghost tonsil stone, had me aggravated enough to make a doctors appointment which ended up with a scope of my throat, unplanned parking fees, a spiffy new water pick and four weeks worth of Prilosec, OTC.

I need new jeans now, too.

Last night, another phone call revealed that the decline of Husband's mother would be fast. Another unplanned visit (Husband went solo this time) downstate was made today.  It started snowing around 12 noon. His 2.25 hour trip turned into an almost 4-hour trip back home.

I recovered today. I put time into some client work. I flexed my creative muscle and got some immediate feedback from the client that what I had proposed was 100% on-track. Yay time. I not only got to come up with some cool ideas, I might get to implement them, too, which will be a lot of fun.

I also managed to mop the kitchen, make all the beds, do general tidying and get three loads of laundry in various stages of completion. I'm operating on a 'things-could-change-at-any-given-minute' mentality: clean laundry is necessary.

Husband is at the grocery store (he has the car!) and will return with food and a bottle of Malbec. Tonight, we will light the candles in the fireplace and enjoy a quiet, easy dinner and some wine. It's time to breathe and regroup. 

I can't wait to hear his footsteps coming up the back stairwell.

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