Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cat Turds and External Hard Drives (This post isn't terribly funny)

Not my cat. Not my toilet. But it's free and legal.
I think this new MacBook Pro we bought on Wednesday is cursed: I haven't been able to write a single blog post since we got it. 

I've tried to write something three or four times since the purchase -- I even have some drafts to prove it -- but nothing seemed to be worth posting. Just rambles about cat turds and external hard drives.

The new machine is nice. The experience of buying it at the Apple store was actually enjoyable. Husband's teacher discount is always appreciated. But still, financing this machine was humbling: yet another reminder that if I just threw in the towel on my own little business and paid someone to get my kids to and from school and paid someone else to mop my floors and scrub my toilets, I could go to a 'real' job downtown for 50 hours a week and take what is left of my 'real' paycheck after I've paid a bunch of other people to take care of my home and family and have a little savings account that we could drain when the next computer dies.

Fuck. I still don't want to do that. 

Beyond the inconvenience of the dead computer and the Universe's reminder that I'm not marketing myself hard enough, this week has offered some nice surprises.  

Would you like to know what they were?  Or is your cursor hovering above the "Next Blog" tab?

I got to watch Daughter in her first school musical, "Once Upon A Mattress."  She was in the chorus, but fulfilled her commitment of after school practice every day for the entire month of March. The kids did a fabulous job and it was nice to see her excitement at performing with her friends.

While en route to the musical, I learned that today's long run -- which was scheduled for 4 hours/10 minutes -- got cut to 2 hours. In fact, the remaining 5 weeks of my plan changed, based on the 3:50 run I did last Saturday. As it turns out, you aren't required to train beyond 20-22 miles for a marathon. I hit 21 on my last run, so now I'm cutting back, building and then tapering. Learning this on Thursday night felt comparable to winning the lottery! Not only is today's run 2 hours and 10 minutes less than I thought it would be, but I won't have to train longer than 3:50, which I've already done. I feel mentally ready for this race: and that makes me super happy.

I met with my client a few times this week and got some education on WordPress, HTML and SEO. Like training for a marathon, I can assure you that there has never been a time in my life when I thought I'd be learning (or excited to learn) HTML and/or SEO strategy.  And by learning HTML, what I mean is, I have like, two codes that I know how to drop into a blog post, but still...that's learning.  The SEO education was priceless: I can't wait to do more with it on my client's site. I might even want to try it out here. Or on the WordPress account I created yesterday. 

I also got some pointers on using free photos ... legally ... which will have an impact on how I move forward with this blog. And possibly, why I've included this image into this post.

And the biggie: I got paid to write a blog post for a client, and it's on their new web site (which, although 'live', is still getting some tweaks).  The post includes my 'bio' and a picture of me (well, the picture of me isn't there yet, but there is a box for a picture of me) which, in my mind, makes it so 'official'! 

It's probably time to start prepping for my run. Although only 2 hours, it could be tricky. I got my ass kicked a few weeks ago on what was 'only a 1.5 hour' run.  It is brisk today -- only 39F right now, and that usually works in my favor.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 82F: another manic spring in the Windy City.

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Photo credit: Sappymoosetree via photopin cc


  1. Unable to write about cat turds? That shit basically writes itself.. (See? See what I did there? That's some punny wordplay from the Great White North..)

    Knowing your runs will be shorter is a welcome relief - until the "Taper Madness" sets in...Mwhahahahaha (Evil Laugh).

    Paid to write a blog post = living the dream.

    Enjoy the run.

  2. I'm kinda nervous about fucking up this run. Yikes!

  3. I am happy for you...this new job sounds good, and that you can stay at home with your kids....well in my opinion that's priceless and worth financing anything.

  4. Thanks, Rain. It is so lovely to realize that you actually love what you do for a living. And getting great clients that appreciate your work is just .... amazing.I've been so very aware of how lucky I am right now...