Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 2012 Goals

When I first told my coach about my workout goals for 2012 - 6 hours a week, she suggested I modify it because there would be tapering and injuries and the general shit of life to deal with that might make holding to 6 hours/week difficult.   I was betting on these long runs to cover my ass. After all, one three-hour long run should be more than enough to keep me at and above my 6 hours, even if I missed a workout here and there, right?


Who knew I'd be dealing with Elizabeth, The Not-A-Tonsilith, which kept me out of the pool for a good two weeks? Or Plantar Fasciitis, which didn't keep me from my long runs, but shortened one of them and kept me from some of my weekly speed and tempo workouts (I was afraid to make it worse: I had the doc's permission to keep working out, I just didn't want to hurt it on a short workout and miss a long run).

One of her suggestions was to make the goal to not miss a long run, and truth be told, I haven't missed a long run since I started training in January. I had one that I cut short because I had a small pyschotic break on the indoor track, and one run cut short by about 50 minutes because of the PF issues (but I still ran 10 miles!), but ... I didn't skip any of them.

Moving forward,  workout at least 6 hours a week (360 min) - is now:  Do not miss long runs and do not workout less than 3 hours per week (180 min).  Truth is, unless I'm in a full body cast, in most situations I can swim or bike if I can't run.

That said... My results:  

Working Out: I worked out 1,032 minutes or 17.2 hours and covered 119 miles. For the month, I should have had 1,490 minutes* -- I was short 458.4 minutes, or 7.6 hours.

At the time of this post (which does include yesterday's long run), my workouts have totaled 258 miles. For a formerly sedentary gal, 258 miles of movin' feels BIG!

Knitting:  I knit a total of 1,549 minutes -- that's 25.8 hours of knitting! I was 59 minutes over my goal number of 1,490 minutes, so that will help overall, since I was shy of my goal in January.

I'd love to say that those 25.8 hours went into making my first sweater, but I can't. My metallic silver scarf is almost finished (finally! I've been working on it since Christmas) and I did bang out an infinity scarf made from Sari ribbon for our upcoming auction at the kids' school).  

A lot of friends have asked why I've turned a hobby into a clock-watching obligation. Truth is, once I've obligated myself to knit to a number, I find that I'm picking up my needles daily -- something I could easily forget about if I wasn't 'on the clock'. I've even been doing 20 or 30 minutes of knitting in the morning while I'm having my coffee and rolling my bad foot on a bottle of ice while watching the news (I rock at multi-tasking).

Bottom line is that I'm knitting daily: It's a good thing.

Blogs:   Over. Achiever. I had 25 posts in February. I needed 16. It's okay -- I'm sure there will be a month when I have less to say.

Music: Most unintentionally, I've been listening to Florence and the Machine for the past week or so.  My lovely neighbor burned a few CDs for us and that one ended up in my car, which is where most of my new music listenin' gets done. I can't say I know every song word for word, but I will. She's got some pipes.

If I had to grade myself on my Music goal, I'd give myself a big fat, "D".  I must get better at this.

Victoria's Secret: The marketing people at VS are really ruining my project. I've gotten exactly THREE catalogs since I announced my plans. I guess this is a great thing for the environment, but not so great for me.

No oysters, no movies yet. Looks like Husband and I will have to hit the theater before the end of March though or I'll be behind on that one.

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