Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Not Giving Up Coffee

It's my mug of choice.
I'm not a huge coffee drinker. That is to say, I'm not like Midlife Rambler, who can drink it all day and all night long. I'm guessing that's why he runs so damn fast: he's got a 24/7 caffeine buzz.

When I was about 30 years old, I went to my family doctor and told him I was having heart palpitations. Clearly, I was on the verge of having some kind of major cardiac incident. I remember getting some kind of test done in his office that day ... would that have been an EKG? I don't know: the results of the test were insignificant, but the conversation we had shed some light on things.

Doc: "So, what's your diet like?"
Me: "I don't know, I don't really pay attention."
Doc: "Well, what did you eat yesterday?"
Me: "I worked from home yesterday. Let me think... Oh. Well, I had about a pot of coffee."
Doc: "You had an entire pot of coffee?"
Me: "Yes. And a piece of cheese."
Doc: "Hmmm... maybe you should just cut down on the coffee and actually eat something."
Me: "Is it cancer?"

The fact is, I get the nervous jitters when I have too much caffeine. I sometimes get dizzy and nauseous.  So, I'm a one-cup a day, first thing in the morning kind of gal.

And out of the blue, I'm told I have reflux. And what are the four biggest triggers of reflux? Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and citrus.

How about air? Does air give people reflux? Because asking me to give up on any of those triggers is comparable to asking me to stop breathing. 

Alcohol: I find this to be the richest of ironies, having cut my boozin' down significantly in the past three months. Could it be that the daily wine was keeping things in check?

Chocolate: I'm not chocolate whore. I sometimes crave it and I did indulge myself with the secret stash of mini Snickers in my knitting bag (I ate the last two yesterday). But I don't eat chocolate every day. I will make no changes in my chocolate intake.

Citrus: This pisses me off. There are a bunch of easy grab-and-go kinds of foods I keep around the house so that I'm eating something, and clementines have been one of those foods.  Not to mention that husband came home from the store with a pineapple.  I've been looking at that still-uncut pineapple daily and wondering if I'll ever get to enjoy it again. 

Coffee: I won't give it up.  I absolutely, positively, will not give up my morning cuppa joe. There are two things I enjoy in me first thing in the morning and one of them is coffee. I only have one 12 oz cup a day. I am not a Coke drinker (or at least, I don't keep it at the house). Coffee is my only source of caffeine (other than the Power Gel I eat during my long runs).  

I don't drink it to wake up -- it's not the caffeine that I need: it's the ritual. It's holding the hot mug in my hand and nursing it while I watch the news or check email before the kids are out of bed. If Husband is home, it's sitting the cup on my chest while propped up in bed and talking to him about the plan for the day.  It's about putting my favorite coffee mug in the dishwasher and hoping I can fill it / wash it by the end of the night so I can use that mug again the next morning.

I'm not giving up coffee.

I guess the good news is that with the acidophilus capsules I'm taking 4x a day, I'm finding that if I take the capsules about 20 minutes before the coffee, I'm experiencing less throat irritation.  I was going to try to go without the coffee this morning and see if I could be without ANY irritation, but that just seemed stupid. I don't overindulge in coffee, there is no reason why I should have to give it up.

I'm not giving up coffee.


  1. I would give up my Doctor before I gave up coffee.

    And I would be drinking coffee while I told him to stuff it.

    And there would be another coffee in my other hand just to make sure he got the point.

    And then I'd drive to Tim Horton's and tell people about it. (While having a coffee.)

    Stay strong, Triple T - stay strong.

  2. That's hugely crap. If the doc gave me that list I'd get dlae over to kick his ass for the coffee thing and would watch the ensuing ruck over a cheeky glass of Malbec.

    Oh, and the 2 things in the morning comment made me howl with laughter.

  3. For what it's worth...on Saturday, I did my run earlier than normal, and skipped the coffee that morning. I didn't have a single lumpy-like feeling the entire day.

    Today - a day off - I enjoyed my coffee (without acidophilus because I ran out last night) and guess who's back?

    Grrrr.... I think I'm just going to take the bulk of my acidophilus immediately before and immediately after my coffee and then see if that's all I need to do.