Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Rule!

This End of the World Bunker is sweet.
So, since 'reinvesting' in this blog in late '11, I've had a few visitors read my posts and a handful of people comment.

Of the 247 comments I've had thus far, I've received two comments from the courageous and venomous Anonymous.

My Stilettos post really pissed her/him off. 

That's right... Anonymous disagrees with my opinions on stilettos. 

There is great unrest in the world, people.  Head for your bunker with your family: the shit is coming down.

I shared (that is, I elected to post) the first Anonymous comment (you can see it, if you want, by clicking here and then scrolling down), and even responded in the most playful way I could muster. Based on the grammar of Anonymous and her/his so-called role as a "Stiletto Professional," I decided to keep it light: you can't engage in a game of wits with the unarmed.

Three months later, Anonymous strikes back. Now, I can't tell if this is the same Anonymous or a different Anonymous, but this Anonymous broke down my Stiletto post as if she/he were a literary critic. It was most impressive considering the post was a fluff rant about the different shoe styles I've noticed on Pinterest.

Okay, I'll admit it:  it was the kind of post that begged to be analyzed by stiletto professionals, fashion editors and  literary critics of the blogging world alike.

Let me share a few lines of the rich critique by Anonymous:  

Just wondering..... Do you by chance have self esteem issues? Degrading people for their choice in fashion would indicate that you do.

Then, Anonymous went on to tell me I should "...take penicillin for my 'clap' and  that I should stick to my crusty Uggs, which fit my personality and sense of style perfectly!"

Anyone else see that glitch? Or could anyone support my argument that Anonymous, perhaps, is the one with the self-esteem issues?

So, two things:

1)   When I'm not ranting about important things like shoes and QR codes, I'm writing about issues in my life quite openly. I talk about as many - if not more - of my failures as my successes.

2)  The picture in the upper right corner? That's me. Reason I have a screen name? So whack jobs don't hunt me down and drive a stiletto heel into my neck. I'm not Anonymous.   And when I respond to other blogs, I do so as Triple T, with that photo.  Triple T doesn't hide.

For the Anonymous comments of the future: save your breath, your cells, your finger tips: I'm not printing your comments. If what you have to say can only be said in anonymity, I'm not interested. 

Oh, but thanks for coming back. You know, it drives my numbers up every time you click on that post.


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  1. Anonymity brings out the asshole in everyone - when you don't have to show your face and be called to task for what you say/write, then it's easy to be judgmental.

    Screw 'em.