Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Logic

This morning, we couldn't get the computer started. It kept making a sound like it was about to fire up, but then it just wouldn't 'catch'.  It wasn't at all unlike the sounds a gas stove top makes when the pilot light is out.

The fucking logic board is toast.  

It's $310 to fix the logic board and a possibility that in fixing the logic board, the hard drive will die.

Or then, there's the iPad.

Although I didn't go to the Genius Bar with Husband, I can give you a 99% guarantee that when he was given his options, he got an erection over the possibility of buying an iPad.

I just hear the garage door shut.  He should be upstairs any minute.

I'm twisting and turning at the thought of spending an unplanned/unbudgeted $400 on a computer.  He'll fake concern on my behalf, but I know he's doing the Happy Dance on the inside.

{Shakes fist angrily at the sky}

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