Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I hate these. 

One went up in the windows of a cafe that just opened in my 'hood a month or so ago. I don't think they have posted their hours of operation yet -- they just have this.

Fuck you, cafe in the 'hood. I don't have the phone or the app that handles this jibberish. So you don't have my business. 

I also saw one of these beasts on the door of a medical van today. Graphically, I think it's comparable to a cigarette burn in the middle of a crisp, white shirt.  It looks like an accident. Or like the residue that remains on a product after the sales sticker has been pulled off.

And how does this work with a growing number of States banning the use of cell phones while driving?  I guess this medical van in the lane next to me is only seeking the business of pedestrians with fancier phones and apps than I currently possess, too, yes?

Communication blight.


  1. Everything I've been reading suggests that QR Codes are on their way out - for exactly the reasons you've brought up: visually unappealing and not worth the time it takes to scan them.

    I don't even bother trying.

    Tell your cafe they lost a long-distance customer because of their shitty window sticker. (And I would have tipped in Canadian Dollars!)

  2. I think I have the ability to scan these....but I don't know how.....agreed they are annoying!!!

  3. those things drive me batty too - do not have app do not plan to get

  4. I have an app to create QR codes, they're great fun:

    1. Create QR code for obscene phrase.
    2. Print onto sticker
    3. Put sticker in prominent position whilst queuing in favourite coffee shop.
    4. Collect coffee, sit back and watch smartphone-equipped customers get quite the surprise.

    You're welcome!

  5. Between Andy and Dale, we could drive that cafe out of business in a New York minute!

  6. I don't have the phone to read one of those things either. Very annoying!