Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things Fall Apart

This is mine -- all mine -- baby.
For someone who thinks she's made some really positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle, I feel like I'm fucking falling apart.

The Forties*: When You Fucking Fall Apart.

In Q1 of 2012, I've dealt with Plantar Fasciitis, reflux and the worst allergy/sinus symptoms ever. All this while I've cut my drinking back significantly and have  committed to training for a Spring marathon.

I will accept the plantar fasciitis: I wasn't as diligent about my stretching and cool downs as I should have been, and I'm putting some serious repetitive strain on my legs.  Luckily, I went to my chiropractor right when the pain started and within 9 days of diagnosis, I completed a pain-free, 3 hour run. I can handle  PF.

The reflux, on the other hand, is a fucking nightmare. I've been dealing with the sensation of having food stuck in my throat since the beginning of February. One trip to a specialist and my first scope yielded a diagnosis of 'reflux'** and a direction to take Prilosec for three weeks. I took Prilosec with my standard allergy meds because I was feeling a lot of ... the back of my throat (and post-nasal drip can cause the same 'throaty' sensation as stomach acid backwash), and after two weeks, I felt better. 

Less than one week after I stopped with the Prilosec, it all started again. The doctor suggested Pepcid and a stronger allergy med (I actually had to present my ID at the counter and sign for it. Evidently if I buy enough, I can start cooking meth at home), and wrote me an Rx for a steroid nasal spray.  One week later...the 'stuck' feeling remains.

As much as Husband, friends and medical professionals have begged me to stop Googling all my ailments, I searched out "natural remedies for reflux" and learned that acidophilus not only helps the symptoms of reflux, but it can also tighten the little muscle-flap that has loosened up and is letting my stomach acid burn my throat.

After two days of about 2 billion CFUs of acidophilus, my weird throat sensation is gone.  It's a good thing too, because I was ready to find the 1-800 number of an oropharyngeal cancer specialist.

Another friend advised me of stinging nettle, which she claims is better than any conventional OTC pill she's used for allergies/sinus problems. I can't wait to try it so I can get off the Zyrtec-D, which I was advised to take in the morning, because some people get jittery when they take it. No shit. I can make ice with it. Tweakers aren't exactly calm. 

Stinging nettle. It sounds so archaic, doesn't it? Eye of newt, toe of frog...

What does this all mean? It means that I'm falling apart. I'm almost 40 and I have the same pill box that my then 86-year old (and now deceased) father-in-law used in the final months of his life.  I think mine is better, though: the package claimed its handy, easy-open tabs were designed for arthritic fingers, so...I've got that goin' for me when the arthritis sets in (which should be, what? July?).

Husband thinks I'm fucking nuts: he's too good for vitamins and supplements. He's also too good for aspirin or ibuprofin. It's why he's been bitching and moaning for the past 24 hours after straining his back while hurling a garbage bag into the dumpster. He spent about 40 minutes on a heating pad this afternoon, with his left knee wrapped in ice.

We are a picture of good health this week.

I need to schedule my yearly exam with our family doctor so I can have the regular check up and a blood draw for a full panel of tests (cholesterol, thyroid, etc).  If any tests come out higher or lower than they should, I might just beg her to shoot me in the head and end this misery.

Despite my falling-apart-ness, I'm about to go on an 8 or 9-mile run.  I guess the ship hasn't totally sunk yet -- I may as well try to enjoy the ride, right? And if I died right now, who would eat all those supplements?

* I am not yet forty. I have ... exactly 3 months from tomorrow ... until I am forty. Typical me, I'm early for the party and am getting my dose of 40 prematurely.

** I don't get the chest-grabbing burn that is often associated with reflux. My throat gets inflammed and I spend two weeks to trying to hork up a piece of food that doesn't exist - much like a cat trying to expel a hairball (but with less success).

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  1. {sigh} well, I am forty...and a few. And this is all so depressing. If I could just be 38 again. 38 was a good year.

    And I am an "Eye of newt, toe of frog..." kinda gal. DH brought home some sort of viral H#N# from Seattle two weeks ago and just when I thought I escaped the crud it got me. All week sambucus and D3 and green tea and sleep.

    And now I am going to go guilt about going to the gym...and have more coffee. Before my mammogram appt this afternoon.