Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Techno Goes A Long Way

I need help.  

This playlist - A Little Techno Goes A Long Way - will get me thru my last real long run, a 3 hr/50 min one, on Sunday.  It's 55 songs and 4 hours long.  I need at least 4 hr/30 min to a full 5 hours* on this play list to get thru my big event.

I might be a little Sparks-heavy, but I can really zone out to Sparks.

You should see a flow ... I'm starting slow and building.  And after I've gotten my techno/disco groove on, I'm really looking for verbal inspiration. Or, sympathy.


1. Ong Namo: Tuning in to Your Infinite Self, SatKirin Kaur Khalsa
2. Vitamin C: CAN
3. Especially Me, Low
4. Bloodbuzz Ohio, The National
5. The Only Living Boy In New York, Simon & Garfunkel
6. Any Major Dude Will Tell You, Steely Dan
7. Oh, Susquehanna!, Defiance, Ohio
8. Dog Days are Over, Florence + The Machine
9. Heart of Glass, Blondie
10. The Girls, Calvin Harris
11. Rock Lobster, The B-52's
12. The Number One Song In Heaven, Sparks
13. We Are All Getting Old, Telex
14. Bostich (N'est-ce pas), Yello
15. Supernature, Cerrone
16. Pull Up To The Bumper, Grace Jones
17. Tour de France, Telex
18. D.J., Davie Bowie
19. Born Slippy, Underworld
20. Comfortably Numb, Scissor Sisters
21. Leaving the City, Roisin Murphy
22. Beat the Clock, Sparks
23. Poker Face, Lady Gaga
24. Natural's Not In It, Gang of Four
25. Hong Kong Garden, Siouxsie & The Banshees
26. Ooh La La, Goldfrapp
27. Girlfriend is Better, Talking Heads
28. Jeepster, T-Rex
29. Boogie Oogie Oogie, A Taste of Honey
30. You Should Be Dancing, Bee Gees
31. Blister in The Sun, Violent Femmes
32. Pepper, Butthole Surfers
33. Wonderlust King, Gogel Bordello
34. Sad Song, The Cars
35. Angst In My Pants, Sparks
36. Paper Planes, MIA
37. Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win, Santigold/Beastie Boys
38. Creator, Santigold
39. Ain't No Other Man, Christina Aguilera
40. Work It, Missy Elliot
41. Superstition, Stevie Wonder
42. Panama, Van Halen
43. Hells Bells, AC/DC
44. Cherry Bomb, The Runaways
45. Keeping You Alive, Gossip
46. Head Over Heels, The Go-Go's
47. Sex on Fire, Kings of Leon
48. Alive and Kicking, Simple Minds
49. Don't Slow Down, Matt & Kim
50. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Know, The Smiths
51. The View, Modest Mouse
52. Let Forever Be, The Chemical Brothers
53. Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
54. Crosseyed and Painless, Talking Heads
55. The Gash, The Flaming Lips

* I don't know. Weather, less gear, aid stations, adrenaline ... it's a crap shoot for me on when I'll finish.

Photo Credit: cosmonautirussi via photopin cc


  1. To be honest, I always figured you ran with the theme from DTBH on loop.

  2. There are some good songs here....Hope they kept you going. There is always a point in my long runs, where I get tired of music and have to turn it off. It's hard to find the right mix!

  3. my plan is to keep it on, but low. if people are talking around me, i'd prefer to hear that, and possibly start chatting with them (i'm a slow runner! talking won't ruin my game plan!). but the four hour runs on my own...yikes! i need company! hoping to be one of those zen runners someday!