Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lab Sex Plan

Third line from the top. What do you see?
Once backpacks had been emptied on Friday night, I started to go through the reams and reams of paper pulled from those backpacks, checking grades to see if any assignments needed to be reviewed at home and if not, throwing as much as possible into the recycling bin. 

Those grade-school aged kids make a shit-ton of paper.  They can't all be keepers.

Little Guy's science notebook was in the pile. He told me I needed to read it and then write a note to his teacher to indicate that I read it and to mention if I learned anything from it. 

If that doesn't make any sense to you, good. It made no sense to me either.  Am I the one getting graded on this based on what I learned from his notes?  Regardless, I lacked the bandwidth to figure this one out on Friday night so I took a shot at it on Saturday morning. 

Little Guy does not have the neatest handwriting skills in his class. And he attempts most of his spelling by sounding it out, so you really have to understand context to figure out what he is writing.  I got a few pages into the notebook and can honestly say that I hadn't learned anything. Clearly, my note to the teacher was going to be an exercise in Creative Writing.  And then I got to the page where my 8-year old mentions his lab sex plan.   See it there in the image above, third line from the top?

Well, now I've learned something. My 8-year old is hatching a plan to have sex in the lab.  That'll fuel a pretty creative note to the teacher, right?

I couldn't contain the laughter re Little Guy's lab sex plan, so I took the notebook back to the bathroom and shoved it into the shower to show Husband.

"What could that possibly mean?" he asked me.

I kept looking through the notebook and found this gem: "....accidental whorl.."  

Whore? Whole? Hole? Whirl?  I don't know, but whatever it was, it was by accident. It didn't become a whore or a hole or a whirl intentionally.

It's now Sunday. I have figured out that lab sex plan was probably supposed to be, "...labs, explain...". 

Accidental whore still has me scratchin' my head.

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