Monday, May 28, 2012

Oops. The Time I Forgot I Had A Blog

Oh, bite me. Life got busy! 

If you're still reading, life got busy in a super good way. In the past week, I've taken on/managed work for three of my own clients (THREE!) and have taken on some consulting work with the firm I worked for 5 years ago. I really had to hustle last week to get everything done, but I did it and I managed to do it without any casualties. I think there were no casualties.

I also beat cancer yet again.*

Managing the work has been tricky, for sure, but I did it. And even better, I stepped away from all of it for the holiday weekend. I purchased my mulch and annuals, had a lovely night out with friends, gardened my ass off and had some time at the beach.

And I managed to get five loads of laundry washed/dryed and put away, too.

This week will be a good test of taking care of business while taking care of myself. Which means remembering to eat. Or baking something unnecessary. Or scheduling a hair cut for myself. 

I'll do my best.

I feel bad that I've not been blogging regularly. Hell, back in January I was checking in twice a day!  Maybe part of taking care of myself this week will be to post something in my own blog. 

I lack a segue. Here's my garden:

Spikes, Celosia, Creeping Jenny & Super Bells

The urns are flanked by Blue Salvia and Spirea. The Salvia is thriving.

Crazy squiggly grass. An impulse buy.

Impatiens in the barrel. Begonias in the pot. More work to be done around the terra cotta planter.

* I had a canker sore back near my molar. It was freaking me out. It lead to a Google search ... which lead to cancer ... which lead to an emergency dental appointment which lead to an x-ray and this statement: It's a canker sore.   I also had my teeth cleaned, which was nice.


  1. oh shit. I have one too. Poor neglected blog. Seriously though, you sound amazingly happy and balanced. RUM. RUM. It really does work.

  2. Ah, I know how that goes - busy busy busy! Glad things are going well though and congrats on the marathon!