Sunday, May 20, 2012


My mental and emotional wellness the past few weeks has been off the charts -- a combination (I think) of crossing the finish line of my first marathon and a surge in marketing consulting work.  I've been truly engaged in every marketing activity I've taken on and it's absolutely energizing. My brain is active again. And when I'm walking around the house thinking about message points or how to marry three bloggers stories into one post, I'm not fretting about the past or the future.  I'm in the moment. 

The nutty thing is that when I'm engaged in the work, and feeling super positive about what I'm contributing, more work comes up.  I've got my own group of active clients, a new client on the horizon, I've been getting print ad and ideation gigs and my former employer has asked me to help with some on-going consulting work. 

I've been putting it out there and summabitch! It's coming back to me!

The best part of this surge of work is that so far, I'm not letting it run me down. I'm being very realistic about how much I can handle and although the temptation to take it on by the truckload and enjoy the paycheck at the end is heavy, I'm managing my obligations.  

Financial nourishment, without life balance ... it's empty calories, really. 

The promise of financial nourishment came by the truckload last week. Husband was offered a second summer school gig for the first few weeks after the regular school year has ended. With this giant condo window replacement project lingering, having some extra bucks by mid-summer will be a good, good thing.

And since I've been all busy being in the moment with my marketing brain, I didn't really have time to worry about him NOT getting summer school hours. Things worked out without me worrying about them working out. Amazing.

They photograph pink, but they're really coral.
The energized calm I felt at the end of this week allowed me to do something I haven't done in awhile: I splurged.  I bought a ridiculous pair of heels that I didn't need, but buying them made me feel like I was on top of the world. And then I took the family out to a restaurant for tapas. Husband and I enjoyed the pitcher of sangria almost as much as we enjoyed watching Daughter eat snails for the first time (she loved them! Little Guy ... not so much!).  

I have a few weeks before I'm actually 40, but if this is the precursor to the next decade of my life: bring it!

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  1. There is nothing like the feeling of when life just comes together and everything is working! So happy for you! :)
    And are those the actual heels? Yikes, I couldn't walk in those!